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Timex: A watch worn and adorned by all

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18 Oct 2021 |
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Timex- a timeless watch that has earned a reputation of not just being a rebel watchmaker with a cause but the “watch for every household.” Despite its simplicity, many famous people across all walks of life have adorned their wrists with their watches. Its rich heritage dates back to times of war and independent women. 

While men furrowed their brows at the prospect of wearing a little clock on their wrists rather of keeping one in their pockets in the nineteenth-century, trailblazing women were charging headlong into the future. The history of women's timepieces is a fascinating tale of royalty, athleticism, art, and independence, with a pendulum swinging from fashionable extravagance to basic utilitarianism before settling at a perfectly balanced place in the middle.

Timex was disrupting the watch market with attractive yet functional designs for women as well as men of all walks of life, while postwar designers and artists were exploring new, freer ways of living.

In the 1800s, pocket watches were the preferred method of telling time, especially among businesspeople. As the famous story goes, Caroline Murat, Queen of Naples and Napoleon Bonaparte's sister, requested Abraham-Louis Breguet for an intricate, exquisite bracelet inlaid with a miniature clock way back in 1810. Her luxurious adornment is now considered the world's first wristwatch.

Let's look at the extravagance of the brand, backed by those in the limelight. 

Military spectacle 

As the world was rocked by global war at the turn of the twentieth century, generals looked for innovative ways to improve military efficiency. One of their techniques was to have soldiers wear wristwatches instead of pocket watches, because checking the time on their wrists was far easier and faster than digging inside their fatigues.

Timex: A watch worn and adorned by all
Timex Vintage Military Watch

By adding strap lugs and rotating the face to put the crown at 3 o'clock rather than 12 o'clock, Timex transformed a women's pocket watch into its first wristwatch in 1918. The first wristwatch issued by the United States military was this type.

Independent women 

Watches soon became less about the number of jewels and more about usability. Mercedes Gleitze, who swam the English Channel while wearing a weatherproof watch on her wrist, was perhaps the most renowned female watch wearer of the Roaring '20s. A shot of her plunging through frigid ocean waves in front of a cheering throng went viral, giving watches a new sporty and independent image. She also wore the Timex Triathlon watch. 

Timex: A watch worn and adorned by all
Mercedes Gleitze

Timex: A watch worn and adorned by all
Timex Triathlon watch

From politicians to celebrities 

Timex has been a favourite option among many American politicians (including Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton) to reflect a non-elitist and approachable character. Outside of politics, Timex is the watch of choice for several celebrities. 

Sam Brownback, the Republican governor of Kansas, wore a steel Timex with a black leather band when he was up for re-election in 2014. 

While it may seem trivial to scrutinize an elected official's wristwatch rather than, say, his health-care stance, the wearable is a talisman, at least for political figures, who are confined to the attire of blue suits and festival red or blue ties with few other freedom to explore personal style.

The wristwatch is frequently used to emphasize a politician's perceived abilities. Mr. Sam Brownback's plain Timex, for example, subtly reveals his status as a fiscal conservative.

George W. Bush was trying to shake off his Yale party-boy image, so he wore an accessible Timex to balance out his designer suits.

Timex: A watch worn and adorned by all
Bill Clinton wearing Timex (Image Credits: NY Times)

Mark Wahlberg, an actor, director, and all-around Hollywood A-lister, is well-known in the watch world for his outstanding collection of ultra-high-end Rolex and Patek Philippe timepieces. He isn't afraid to wear more cheap timepieces, especially during his strenuous exercises. He wears a variety of Timex watches, but one that we frequently see on his wrist is the black Timex Ironman Rugged 30, which retails for roughly $40.


Timex: A watch worn and adorned by all
Timex Ironman


T2H641 Timex Elevated Classics

Do you recall the small, faint light bulb on the side of a watch dial? Timex watchmakers thought there had to be a better way, so they used a patented technique called electroluminescence to revolutionize the way the world tells time in the dark. This led to the making of the famous INDIGLO watch. 

An INDIGLO Night-Light Genuine Leather Strap and a mineral glass crystal polished finish are among the characteristics of this Timex Elevated Classics Watch on Academy Award-winning actress Anna Paquin. Isn't it cool and classy? 

Timex: A watch worn and adorned by all


Timex 80 Digital Rubber Watch

Rihanna's Timex digital watches bring back memories of our first watch from high school. "A water-resistant case, a crystal screen, an indigo illumination, silver-tone buttons that run a stopwatch function, an alarm, and two distinct time modes, and a buckle to secure," are among the features of this watch.

Timex: A watch worn and adorned by all
Image Credits: Famewatcher

Rihanna has also been seen wearing the Timex Expedition watches for the River Island Winter Collection in Greece. 

Timex's watchmakers noticed a market need for timepieces that were both fashionable and practical, as well as affordable to the average woman and man. Timex made a splash with timepieces that were elegant, long-lasting, and constructed with precise mechanics. With its versatile nature, it is a timeless piece that has proved itself time and again.