Rihanna Wearing the Jacob & Co Choker Watch

Unique Ways Of Styling Your Timepiece: There’s No Right Or Wrong Way To Wear A Watch

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26 Jun 2023 |
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Timepieces have always been more than mere tools to tell time. They are iconic accessories that showcase personal style and make a statement.

Pocket watches became the main timekeepers in the sixteenth century. They were necessary for precise timekeeping and were typically kept in a vest or coat pocket. However, they were somewhat inconvenient because they required manual winding and had to be retrieved from pockets.

Pocket Watch

In the latter half of the 19th century, wristwatches started to replace pocket timepieces. Wristwatches became popular among men thanks to early adopters like Louis Cartier, and later innovations made them stylish for ladies as well. Greater convenience was afforded by wristwatches, which allowed users to quickly check the time.

Watch aficionados and fashion-conscious people today look for unique methods to style their watches. Watch style has developed into a prominent fashion trend that goes beyond conventional timekeeping.

Necklace watch

I mean, we saw Rihanna style the Jacob & Co Flying Tourbillon watch as a choker! Is styling watches the next big trend? Let’s find out some unique ways of styling watches and why it’s picking up!

a) Personal Expression: Styling watches give people a distinctive chance to show their specific sense of style. People can create a personal style that expresses their individuality by carefully choosing watches that go with their attire.

b) Versatility: Modern timepieces offer countless stylistic options thanks to their interchangeable bands and adaptable features. The diversity of watch styles enables for easy integration with many fashion aesthetics, from slick leather straps for a formal look to colorful NATO straps for a casual ensemble.

Some unique ways of styling include:

1. Wrist stacking

Watches can be stacked on the wrist in the same way as bracelets are, giving the wearer a layered and attractive appearance. A chic and diverse wrist stack can be created by mixing and matching various watch styles, sizes, and materials.

2. Watch as Cuff

When worn loosely around the wrist, oversized watches can imitate the look of a cuff bracelet. This daring fashion decision gives off an air of assurance and gives your look a dash of edge.

Piaget Jewellery

By developing chain and ring watches, luxury watch companies have recently advanced their pursuit of cutting-edge design. These works of art serve as both timepieces and priceless jewellery.

Fun fact: Pendant watches originated in the 16th century as decorative accessories worn by affluent individuals. Over time, they evolved to incorporate timekeeping functions, merging fashion and functionality.

3. Watches as a necklace

Ingeniously incorporating timekeeping components into pendant-style necklaces is a specialty of some high-end watchmakers like Jaeger-LeCoultre and Van Cleef & Arpels. These elegantly designed clocks, which gracefully dangle from chains, seamlessly combine functionality and elegance. Necklace watches are a distinctive way to express your individual style and highlight the adaptability of timekeeping accessories.

Reverso Secret Necklace 2

4. Watches as rings

Ring watches are the perfect option for individuals looking for a genuinely unique method to tell time. These tiny watches fit snugly on your finger and combine the usefulness of a watch with the appeal of beautiful jewellery. For special occasions or to add a touch of elegance to your regular outfit, ring watches are the ideal accessory.

Fun fact: Ring watches have a rich history, dating back to the 17th century when miniature watches were embedded into rings as a novelty. Today, luxury brands have revived this concept, creating exquisite ring watches for modern fashion enthusiasts.

Piaget Adrivea Ring Watch

5. Watches as chokers

As fashion trends continue to evolve, wearing a watch as a choker has become a popular styling choice. This unique adaptation showcases the versatility of watches as fashion accessories.

jacob and co watch choker

There’s no right or wrong way of wearing a watch. It all depends on your personal style and comfort. Whether you wear a watch on your right hand or left hand, as a choker or a ring, it’s unique because it’s unique to you. On that note, how else would you style your coveted timepiece?