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Rose The Watch Bar & Bvlgari presented by The Hour Markers: Celebrating The Record-Breaking Octo’s

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12 Aug 2022 |
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10th August 2022- a day when the rain gods decided to cover the city’s skyline with dark clouds, gushing winds and a whirlwind of emotions. However, you can trust the record-breaking Bulgari Octo Finissimo’s in their titanium skin to shine bright like a silver lining through these clouds.

Boom! Was that anything you picked up on? The spectacular horological mic drop that Bulgari just perpetuated has caused a thunderous scream that can be heard throughout every region of Switzerland known for creating watches.

Rose The Watch Bar & Bvlgari presented by The Hour Markers: Celebrating The Record-Breaking Octo’s
The reason that Bulgari released its eighth world record in the shape of a watch is, quite simply, one of the most mind-blowing things I have ever seen or handled. It truly is the tiniest mechanical wristwatch available today. It's 40mm diameter and astonishing 1.8mm thin belie its massive implications. And to be able to witness these record-breakers in reality, wear them on your wrist? Seems like a dream. Well, no longer for the watch community!

The Hour Markers, founded by Karishma Karer hosted an event for Rose The Watch Bar and Bvlgari at the rooftop of the Intercontinental Mumbai - Dome, where 7 of the 8 record-breaking Octo Finissimo timepieces were displayed to the watch community. Apart from these, an array of breathtaking high jewelry Serpenti’s along with the limited edition Bulgari Serpenti manufactured specifically for the 40 years of the Rose group were displayed too.

Karan Vaidya, Vice President, Marketing and Retail Operations at The Rose Group said, “The Octo Finissimo is a truly unique watch that continues to defy traditional watchmaking. We are extremely enthused by the reactions of Indian collectors to the collection of the record-breaking Finissimos!”

An event curated keeping in mind the Italian theme and colours of Bvlgari- you can only imagine the detailing that was taken care of. From personalised chef hats and aprons to a specially curated Italian menu, Italian wine and cocktails like the Sultry Serprenti and Old Fashioned Octo, could you ask for anything more?

Even the Mumbai rains couldn’t keep the watch community from coming together for this awe-inspiring event. Representations of members from RedBar Bombay, India Watch Company and The Rose Group elevated the opulence of the event further. Punit Mehta, Founder of RedBar Bombay said, “An evening filled with fun and awe. We thank Rose, The Watch Bar and The Hour Markers for hosting us to a wonderful evening. Soiree’s like these that bring together numerous watch collectors and enthusiasts from various groups are always a pleasure to attend. It gives us all an opportunity to showcase the passion and strength of the Indian watch community as a whole, under one roof. Evenings like these are a testament to the quality and strength of this ever evolving watch family in India, irrespective of the varied groups we belong to. As of today, we have experienced a spectacular display of the mechanics of Bvlgari paired with the exceptional hospitality of The Hour Markers & Rose, The Watch Bar. I have to say, it was a holistic experience indeed. From the seven coiled Serpenti to that almost paper thin Octo Finissimo Minute Repeater to the minute attention to details in the curation of this evening, kudos to Karan Vaidya and Karishma Karer. We look forward to more such interactions with brands in the future.”

Lip-smacking appetisers and retro-themed live performances compelled the watch aficionados to take the stage and break a leg and intriguing conversations about watches… well, of course, it was an event that truly celebrated the essence of the record-breakers.

“Members of India Watch Company found the delightfully curated evening a perfect combination of fun and great insights. Many watch collectors confuse Bulgari as a fashion brand alone; although in recent years some of us have known about the technological sophistication and aesthetic refinement of the Octo Finissimo range, seeing them up close was a great experience. We’re sure we will see some Octos pop up on our group soon. Meeting the incredible people behind the Rose Watch Bar and understanding more about their passion for great watches was an added bonus.” said Anil Lobo, Ivor Soans and Sudip Basu, co-founders of India Watch Company.

What strikes me most about the Ultra is that, while other watches have pursued the same ideal of being the world's thinnest watch, they have, to a large extent, usually felt like concept watches that are constrained in terms of true wearability. The Ultra is quite different, though, being a fully formed, totally resolved, and very beautiful sports chic watch with an integrated band. But from a design standpoint, I think we all agree that this watch represents a significant accomplishment. Fabrizio Buonamassa Stigliani, the director of design for the firm, set out to create something wholly original.

“While most people consider Bvlgari to be a brand that curates high end jewels, were here to also highlight the mechanical prowess of the brand. Not 1 but 8 world records for the thinnest watches in almost every category there is. Hopefully next year, I will break the ninth world record for being the thinnest retailer of the Finissimo! Jokes aside, what the Finissimo offers is a truly iconic design paired with unique innovations and all at very attainable prices! ”, Karan Vaidya

Dr. Samir Shah, a member of RedBar Bombay said, “It was indeed my pleasure attending an event celebrating the technological excellence and the design aesthetic of the Bulgari Octo range by The Rose Watch Bar. It was nice to meet the passionate folks behind the Rose Watch Bar and also many friends tied to the passion of watch collecting. I am happy that brands and boutiques are taking an initiative in hosting such events and connecting with watch enthusiasts.
Kudos to Karishma Karer and her able team for organising a significant event like this to the highest standards. Wish them all the best for forthcoming events.”

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