THM x Ulysse Nardin: A Sensory Experience Filled With Opulence, Surprises & Watch Enthusiasts

THM x Ulysse Nardin: A Sensory Experience Filled With Opulence, Surprises & Horological Prowess

THM Desk
16 Jun 2023 |
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10th June, Mumbai- The Hour Markers Collector’s Corner is known for hosting events that push the boundaries of grandeur, and their recent unveiling of the newest Ulysse Nardin collection to watch collectors and enthusiasts was no exception. Hundreds of watch enthusiasts were gathered for this carefully curated event, which exuded opulence thanks to its sumptuous setting.

This event was held in the heart of this city of dreams - at The Imperial Towers. Beyond words, racing upwards, at the speed of sound, barely touching the ground, and yet firmly set, “The Imperial” at Tardeo stands soaring and superior at 60 storeys. Rising ceremoniously in pristine white and divine blue, it serenades the sky and wispy floating clouds with a passion unknown to date. After all, color is the place where intellect and creation meet. Naturally, it aims to offer a mélange of contemporary coupled with global architecture, its craftsmanship eliminating the universal stereotype. Being amongst the tallest tower in India, it is a signature of novelty embellishing the Commercial Queen. This venue was an apt choice to offer our guests something larger than life!

The moment guests entered the extravagant venue, they were whisked away to a world of unrivalled elegance and refinement. The space was transformed into a symphony of luxury, adorned with freaky displays, each housing extraordinary masterpieces, artworks, and a feeling like you were transported to Ulysse Nardin's new collections. Attendees were left in awe of the brand's unrivalled horological prowess thanks to the timepieces' spellbinding allure, which was the result of the brand's unwavering precision and artistic ingenuity. Apart from sensory experiences planned for each batch of guests, careful attention was given to each of the elements.

The day began as the General Manager of Ulysse Nardin, Teresa Garin Mendarozqueta, graced the stage. Teresa, with her indomitable presence, eloquently delved into the rich tapestry of Ulysse Nardin's history, expertly weaving tales of timeless elegance and technical virtuosity. Her captivating oration enthralled the audience, effortlessly transporting them into an era where each tick of a Ulysse Nardin timepiece carried the weight of history itself

As Teresa's presentation drew to a close, the event transitioned into a vibrant soirée, where guests were encouraged to revel in the luxurious surroundings, indulging in an exquisite selection of culinary delights and drinks. In this convivial atmosphere, connections blossomed, and kindred spirits united, forming bonds within the fervent community of watch enthusiasts. The room echoed with the sounds of energized conversations, laughter, and the clinking of glasses, creating memories that would last far beyond the night.

However, The Hour Markers were more than just a show of horological prowess. They planned a unique sensory experience, full of one-of-a-kind activities meant to take opulence to new heights. The crowd went wild as the much-anticipated 'What The Freak Race' began, a thrilling spectacle of skill and agility that saw competitors pushing the limits of precision and finesse in an exciting challenge. Applause and cheers echoed through the room, filling it with an electrifying buzz.

Yet, there was more in store for everyone. There was a hidden wonder in every room, with valuable objects and fascinating anecdotes waiting to be discovered. These meticulously orchestrated surprises took the guests on a breathtaking voyage, immersing them into Ulysse Nardin's fabled legacy and unfurling a tapestry of wonder and enchantment that tantalized the senses.

In a splendid display of philanthropy and corporate conscience, The Hour Markers partnered with the esteemed NGO, Raj Uphaar, to infuse the evening with a profound sense of purpose. Delectable desserts, artfully crafted by Raj Uphaar's skilled artisans, tantalized the palate, but their true essence lay in the act of giving. The impact of this extraordinary gathering was amplified and a noble example of corporate social responsibility was set when 100% of the proceeds from these divine delicacies were donated to empowering the exceptional women working with Raj Uphaar.

From the Red Bar Bombay Group and influencers like Nikhil Khandari, Kanika The Coveted Code, Pavan Anand, and more, the guests elevated the charm of this event.

As the evening culminated, guests departed with their hearts alight with cherished memories, forever imprinted with the magnificence of Ulysse Nardin's horological masterpieces. The Hour Markers' Ulysse Nardin Collector’s Corner was an exuberant odyssey that went above and beyond the expectations of horological experts. Our unrivaled ability to seamlessly weave together indulgence and benevolence was on full display at this event.

The Hour Markers' ability to create something truly extraordinary is a tribute to their unique perspective and unyielding commitment to making moments that matter. If you’d like to be a part of such events, don’t forget to register on The Collector’s Corner by The Hour Markers!