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It’s strange how we hold on to the pieces of the past while we plan our future. What do you think of the idea of a watch that stirs up a bit of nostalgia? What if you could get something brand new that takes you back to the good old days?

A wristwatch is the one tangible piece that always has an emotional relationship with people or a personal tale behind it. This aspect of its attractiveness is absolutely not going away, and I’m not tired of mentioning it. Some may argue that a watch has no function, yet its long-lasting quality, understated design, and a generous dose of nostalgia have ensured its continued importance.

One of the most notable prevailing trends in the watch world is the vintage reissue, driven by nostalgia. And what they’ve produced is far more than simply reissues. They’ve created the ideal timekeeping devices in terms of both style and utility by combining romantic and sentimental design features from the past with modern technological capability.

What we should know is that watchmaking is an art. Watchmakers are using elements of nostalgia to channel their inner Picasso and connect with the audience. Whether it’s through video games or television shows, cartoons were probably the first fictional characters we encountered, which is why, regardless of age, they will always keep a particular place in our hearts.

Timepieces with vintage dials are simply what the 90s youth consider of the highest importance, whether for the sake of quirkiness or nostalgia. 

Here are five limited-edition watches available today if you want to wear nostalgia on your wrists: 

Richard Mille – Bonbon Collection: Revisiting childhood 

Simply mentioning the word “Bonbon” brings a smile to your face. It portrays enjoyment, transparency, and sharing all at the same time. Striking, elegant, bold, and whimsical- words that come to mind when describing this collection. In a nutshell, be inventive!

The Richard Mille Bonbon Collection comprises ten models, each limited to 30 pieces. They present a sweet and tart new perspective of watchmaking as a pair. These ten horological delicacies, made of candies, cakes, and fruits, defy existing norms, behaviors, and hope once again. 

Graham – 2018 Chronofighter Vintage Nose Art Collection

On the aviation-inspired watches from Graham, pin-up heroines exuding the greatest oomph and antique elegance, as pioneered by decorative art on the noses of World War II planes, appear pretty familiar. 

The watches feature a large case with the classic, quick setup trigger of the Chronofighter range, staying true to the Graham DNA. In 44mm steel casings, water-resistant to 100 meters, the watches portray elegant women like Lucia, Linda, and Chloé with enticing aesthetics, distinctive dance positions, flowing skirts, and unusual musical accessories, making these watches more dynamic than their predecessors.

Jaeger-LeCoultre – The Reverso

The Reverso à eclipses clocks, which pay respect to the elegant works of Renoir, Ingres, Klimt, and other nameless masterpieces of classic Mogul art, demand a comprehensive knowledge of the miniature technique. Three alternative views of a hand-painted dial available in this watch, houses in a platinum or 18-carat pink-gold case. The perfect match for an art-lover and a watch connoisseur alike. The craftsmanship here is exquisite!

Girard-Perregaux – Vintage 1945 Jackpot Tourbillon

What if you could adorn your wrist with a dazzling slot machine mechanism? This childhood fantasy comes true with the Girard Perregaux Vintage 1945 Jackpot Tourbillon.


A first to combine the classic Tourbillon with a gold bridge and a slot machine is this Haute Horlogerie edition. The Vintage 1945 Jackpot Tourbillon results from a marriage of luck and fine craftsmanship. The three reels spin and then stop randomly on one of the possible five symbols on pulling the lever on the right side of the casing, while a hammer hits the gong, producing a sound evocative of casino gaming machines. Only one of the 125 combinations yields the jackpot: three bells in a row.

Bovet – 1822’s Miss Audrey Sweet Fairy ONLY WATCH

Miss Audrey is a lovely lady. Her Bovet dial is Sweet Fairy. Why? Using Sugar, never seen in watchmaking before. The dial of the clock is absolutely unique, representing sweetness and purity. Apart from Miss Audrey’s Super-LumiNova theme, a protective lacquer for the rest of the dial ensures the art’s longevity. The sugar crystals will not melt no matter how heated things get. Certainly, one of the best cartoon timepieces to hit the market in recent years.

They say that every act of rebellion expresses nostalgia, and rightly so. The times you lived through, the people you’ve shared those times with, can all come to life with one mere object or thought. However, the nostalgic silhouettes and retro themes of these watches surely hit differently. Be it that fairy dust of Miss Audrey or the enticing aesthetics of Lucia, Linda, and Chloé, these collectables certainly put a smile on our faces. 

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