The First M.A.D. Collaboration : The M.A.D.1 ‘Time to Love’ By Jean-Charles de Castelbajac.

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6 Apr 2024 |
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Max has just dropped the first ever M.A.D. 1 collaboration piece with French artist and designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac - The M.A.D.1 ‘Time to Love’.


Many admire MB&F's innovative creations and partnerships, but let's be honest, only a select few have the means to acquire them. Personally I have been aspiring for an MB&F since the inception of my career, when I met Max, more than a decade ago. To address this issue, Max Büsser introduced the M.A.D.1 model in 2021. While still bearing the MB&F brand, this watch was developed by a sister company, M.A.D. Editions. Initially conceived as a token of appreciation, offered at a more accessible price point, it was intended for MB&F Tribe Members and brand suppliers. Infact, the release of the M.A.D.1 was initially quite discreet, not publicised on the website or through any social media channels.

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M.A.D. 1 Green & M.A.D. 1 Red


When news spread, fans (including me) flooded MB&F with requests for another affordable release. This led to the launch of the second M.A.D.1 Red in 2022 and M.A.D.1 Green in 2023, both of which were purchased by us via the raffle.


Why is this the perfect collaboration.

This collaboration is the epitome of perfect synergy. Jean-Charles de Castelbajac (JCDC) has always defied convention, embracing disruption and artistic chaos in fashion. While traditional couture designers pursue the finest fabrics, JCDC pioneers upcycling, using unconventional materials like old blankets and sponges long before it became a trend. Similarly, Max Büsser, though not a watchmaker, possesses a remarkable knack for forging connections within the industry. Initially an engineer with no intention of entering watchmaking, Büsser now stands as one of its foremost innovators. Through MB&F, an independent entity known for its collaborations with talented artists, Büsser has pushed boundaries to create some of the most daring and provocative timepieces in existence. And whether you agree or not, he remains unfazed by dissent. This time however it isn’t an MB&F collaboration but a first of its kind for M.A.D.1. 

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From one DM to an extraordinary collaboration

Max’s fascination for the Panda was very evident with the little Panda DJ sculpture displayed on the HM10 Panda. As a young boy, he saved up his pocket money to buy one of JCDC's bathing suits featuring pandas, sparking his fascination with the animal, which coincidentally was young Max’s first cuddly toy. Decades later, the idea struck him to reach out to JCDC about co-designing a watch together. After all, JCDC is an expert in what he likes to call “accidents”, the results of combining two worlds that usually have nothing to do with each other. 


The M.A.D.1 ‘Time to Love’

Originally, the plan was to collaborate on an MB&F Horological Machine, but M.A.D.1, a more accessible label, was the ideal choice for JCDC's creativity. Using his three iconic colors – red, blue, and yellow – symbolizing passion, hope, and warmth respectively, JCDC adorned the M.A.D.1 rotor with his signature color scheme. This design is achieved through lacquer on a newly engineered rotor, with one wing slightly heavier than the others for optimized spinning. Additionally, a vibrant green, reminiscent of childhood memories close to Castelbajac's heart, is featured on the piece's hour disc.


Additionally the numbers on the hour and minute rings are in JCDC's handwriting, and the crown features an engraving of an angel conversing with the moon, a recurring motif in his art. On the base of the dial is JCDC's quote in French - “Ce trésor rare et précieux, c’est ta vie. Le temps vole de ses ailes blanches. Tu es le gardien de ton temps”. This translates into English as: “This rare and precious treasure is your life. Time flies with its white wings. You are the guardian of your time”. 


“My relationship with time is unique. I am often “before or after hours”: before in my vision, after in my satisfaction. But when it’s time to love, I am always on time”, says Jean-Charles de Castelbajac.


Unlike the red and green previous editions of M.A.D.1,  ‘Time to Love’ will be limited to 999 pieces, produced in batches available via raffles at a retail price of CHF 3,200 + VAT (before taxes). As numbers will be more restricted than before, half will be made available for the MB&F Tribe (registered collectors of MB&F pieces) and Friends (suppliers) on a first come, first served basis. The rest will be available to the general public using the same raffle system as before, to ensure fair distribution to those interested in acquiring a ‘Time to Love’. Needless to say, I have entered this raffle, have you?

M.A.D. Editions raffle page: