Titan’s Ashvi Watches This Mother’s Day

A Luxurious Interpretation of Timekeeping Expression of Nebula by Titan’s Ashvi Watches This Mother’s Day!

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10 May 2023 |
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The rarity, durability, and beauty of pure gold have mesmerized mankind since time immemorial. A true symbol of sheer opulence, gold is a standard measure of luxury and a statement expression for those who have made it.

The codes of high jewelry and haute horlogerie have crossed paths an indefinite number of times across the generations or since the existence of each. Spanning centuries, the use of precious stones and rare materials in the creation of watches has been a timelessly appreciated endeavor and the intertwining world of luxury and fashion has constantly been defined clearly and with a bright glare by both jewelry and watchmaking.

Although watches of the modern era feature an amazing amalgam of materials that are as rare as a hen’s teeth, the unchallenged epitome of sophistication and ultra-luxe finesse resonated by the expressions of precious metal such as gold make it unrivaled in its allure and a fitting pairing for a watch creation such as the latest collection of timepieces launched by Titan Nebula as part of its Ashvi line-up.

Nebula by Titan’s Ashvi - 18K Solid Gold Watchmaking Excellence

I am frank, ladies' watches tend to be a bit predictable and monotonous in their overall aesthetic or styling aspects. Following a common recipe of gem setting, colorful dial configurations, and a slender form factor crafted from gold, ladies' watches can be a bit boring.

Catching every stray particle of light and scattering it around all possible directions in the space, the exceptional artisanal craftsmanship bestowed upon Nebula by Titan’s Ashvi 18K Solid Gold Watches with elegant mother-of-pearl dials makes them pose as pleasing asides in a world of repetitive creations.

Ahilya by Nebula - 18K solid gold watch with a diamond-studded bracelet
Ahilya by Nebula - 18K solid gold watch with a diamond-studded bracelet

The latest collection Ashvi launched as a trio of glittering artistic inceptions not only blends the finest of India’s rich jewelry crafting traditions but poses as fitting gifts to be shared on Mother’s Day. Such a thoughtful and precious gift can purely express your heartfelt affection for your mother. The radiant Nebula timepieces crafted in solid 18-carat gold are designed with the modern woman in mind and showcase five sophisticated timepieces that stand out with their hemispherical pearls and stunning princess-cut diamonds.

The design of each piece is a testament to the grace and elegance of the contemporary woman and the intricate details make them a true symbol of luxury and refinement. Whether worn for a special occasion or as an everyday accessory, these timepieces are sure to add a touch of glamour and sophistication to any outfit.

Because She’s Worth It - A Gift as Rare and Precious As Her

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and what better way to show your appreciation for the woman who gave you life than by gifting her handcrafted jewelry timepieces that she will cherish forever?

Whatever you decide to do, make sure it comes from the heart and shows your mother just how much she is loved and appreciated. After all, a mother's love is one of the greatest gifts of all!

Anya by Nebula - A perfect choice for a Mother's Day gift
Anya by Nebula - A perfect choice for a Mother's Day gift

The essence of time has inspired, empowered, and fascinated mankind from the very beginning of the concept itself. While dwelling within a three-dimensional physical reality, our existence is encompassed within a dome of the fourth extension of reality and the intangible aspect of time. It is what expresses the passage of our universe and serves to be an extension of our understanding of things that surround us whether they are within reach or light years apart.

When a device as physically infinitesimal as a watch captures the essence of time expression and elaborates practically its passage, it is the only everlasting emotion of an eternal gift that we can share with anyone.
While timekeepers or timekeeping devices come in all forms, sizes, and styles, a gift-worthy timepiece needs to be special. This is where Ashvi’s intricately scintillating creations come into play.

Elegantly Slender Timepieces Crafted from The Finest Material Our Planet Has to Offer

Beneath the bright light glancing at the 18K gold timepieces in the Nebula by Titan’s exclusive collection Ashvi lies a mastery of watchmaking art perfection. Undoubtedly India’s first solid gold timepieces, the Nebula watches express the delicately crafted works of art which have been proudly adorned with precious stones and amazingly glittering mother-of-pearl dials.

The Ashvi collection includes timepieces adorned with breath-taking bracelets featuring free-floating pearls, delicately wrapped in a beautiful gold composition, a sophisticated wired bracelet encrusted with 30 princess-cut diamonds, and a graceful rose gold bracelet that features a gradient of deep pink to white stones.

In addition, the collection boasts two stunning timepieces embellished with peridot, blue topaz, and tourmaline that complement Indian occasion wear flawlessly, making them an exceptional and cherished gift for any special occasion. Each piece is finely crafted with exquisite craftsmanship, elevating any outfit and leaving a lasting impression.

When speaking about the Ashvi collection, Chief Marketing Officer, of Titan Watches, Kalpana Rangamani, said, “Over the years, Nebula has built a reputation as the atelier of choice for sophisticated gold watches with distinguished designs and precision watchmaking, that is beautifully illustrated by our Ashvi collection. Each of the five watches in the collection brings techniques unique to jewelry into the world of watches and elevates each timepiece to something unforgettable.”

Cherish the artistic excellence of gold watches with the Atika timepiece by Nebula
Cherish the artistic excellence of gold watches with the Atika timepiece by Nebula

The Nebula range of solid gold watches is a testament to the magnanimity of India’s rich jewelry traditions and takes subtle yet defining inspiration from all the essential forms and features that make our country truly wow.

A Blend of Beauty and Luxury that Radiates Unrivalled Practicality

Among all the glamour and glitter, there are practical nuances that make these gold watches a meaningful gift.

The easiest solution for holding the time-telling bit on the wrist and preventing it from falling off is a strap. For the Nebula Ashvi timepieces to be uncompromisingly extravagant and extreme in their aesthetic luxe, leather or even any other exotic strap would suffice or cut the mustard. It has to be special!

For the watches crafted in gold, the strap has to be a bracelet of gold as well. Turning the heavy and inflexible gold into a light and sublime bracelet was a task successfully mastered by Titan watchmakers. Giving the wearer a cozy fit on the wrist, the precious gold or diamond studded bracelets for the timepieces in the latest Ashvi by Nebula collection seem to be an ideal approach.

The Watchmaking Symbols of Wealth and Grandeur

While a nice watch can complete your outfit, a gold timepiece can complete you. With the Nebula watches Ashvi collection by Titan, adorn a refined and polished sophistication on your personality and grace your style with the enduring charms of pure 18K gold opulence.

The trio of timepieces in Nebula’s Ashvi collection
The trio of timepieces in Nebula’s Ashvi collection

The Nebula’s Ashvi collection starts at INR 2.4 Lakhs and is available at select Titan World and Shopper’s Stop stores, as well as the brand website Titan.co.in.