TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4

Flaunt Your NFT Collection With The New TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4

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18 Jun 2022 |
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The smartwatch industry is about to witness a radical change. TAG Heuer has always been known for their associations with various segments. This time it’s the NFT space. Yes! You read that right. TAG Heuer has introduced a new option for customers to flaunt their NFT collection on their TAG Heuer Connected watch, just a few months after entering the cryptocurrency industry in the United States.

TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4

The TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 wristwatch offers a completely unique and distinctive experience, allowing users to show NFT (non-fungible token) artworks on their watch by connecting their crypto wallet to it.

What is an NFT?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a digital asset whose ownership is tracked on a blockchain, such as Ethereum. Digital collectibles and art, goods that live within virtual worlds, and claims on actual assets such as clothing or real estate are all examples of assets that can be represented as NFTs. NFTs will be employed in the future years to unlock whole new use cases that are only conceivable because of blockchain and crypto.

They can now be worn on the wrist for the first time, with a confirmation of ownership provided by the Lens watch face. TAG Heuer consulted and interacted with important members of the BAYC, Cryptopunk, CLONE-X, or World of Women communities to develop this new feature, ensuring that the Lens features and experience added actual value to the community.

 TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4

The new experience is part of TAG Heuer's expanding digital ecosystem of apps and watch faces, designed by a team of in-house developers and bearing TAG Heuer's trademark design signatures. The brand has been a pioneer in the luxury smartwatch segment since 2015, with the TAG Heuer Connected, and the new experience is part of TAG Heuer's expanding digital ecosystem of apps and watch faces, designed by a team of in-house developers and bearing TAG Heuer's trademark design signature.

“I have had a profound interest in the NFT domain, and this function fits with TAG Heuer's reputation of being avant-garde and pioneering in technology”, says Frédéric Arnault, CEO of TAG Heuer. “Our watch allows users to show off their digital identity while also proving that they own an NFT. TAG Heuer will have more Web3 stories to tell in the future, so stay tuned.”

An Ideal Companion For NFTs

With NFTs delivered to the watch alongside TAG Heuer's assortment of digital and analog-inspired watch faces, the TAG Heuer Connected has established itself as a world leader in luxury smartwatches, and the new experience cements the Swiss watch brand's reputation for innovation.

A linked smartphone can be used to transmit several NFTs to the new Lens watch face. This watch face includes a new conceptual design with a triangle and a circle symbolising hours and minutes, as well as three distinct methods to tell time while showing their favourite photographs or NFT artworks.

TAG Heuer has teamed up with Ledger to allow TAG Heuer Connected users to securely access and display their NFTs; the new functionality also supports Metamask. Users can then resize the image to fit the spherical screen of the watch.

TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 wristwatch

With an industry-leading screen intended to be clear even in bright sunshine thanks to a high contrast ratio, the new TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 provides the ideal platform to examine these artworks whose ownership is safeguarded by blockchain technology. NFTs shine out of the screen in the manner they were meant to be seen, thanks to high-fidelity colour reproduction.

Digital Identity In A New Light

On the watch face, TAG Heuer adds a pictorial evidence of ownership. A cloud of particles gravitates around the picture of NFTs, which are presented in a hexagon. Some of the NFTs are static photos, while others are animated GIFs. The TAG Heuer watch face will display these formats in exquisite clarity on screen, with animations looping indefinitely. TAG Heuer builds a bridge and connection between these multiple representations of oneself in a world where one's digital identity is becoming as vital as one's physical one.

The Calibre E4 features watch faces based on TAG Heuer's 160-year watchmaking legacy, as do all TAG Heuer Connected models. The new Lens watch face was created to display customers' favourite belongings and will function nicely on both 42 mm and 45 mm TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 watches. These photos could be from their personal photo library, their NFT collection, or a selection of TAG Heuer curated images. All Calibre E4 watch users will be able to download the improved experience for free from Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store.

TAG Heuer's new NFT display comes just weeks after the avant-garde company partnered with BitPay to launch crypto payments on its U.S. website, allowing customers to buy TAG Heuer watches and accessories using digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. In the Web3 area, the firm famed for its agile IT ethos is just getting started.