TAG Heuer’s Connected Calibre E4: Elegant & Unbeatable Performance

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12 Feb 2022 |
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TAG Heuer introduces a new line of Connected Watches that are designed to provide ultimate elegance and sporty performance. Since 2015, band has been a leader in the luxury Connected watch market. TAG Heuer is introducing two new watches, each with its signature design codes and access to the company's ever-expanding ecosystem of sporting activities, wellness apps, and attractive watch faces inspired by classic chronographs.

Connected Calibre E4
Connected Calibre E4

TAG Heuer Connected has established itself as the global leader in luxury smart timepieces, and the new Connected generation features two models, each highlighting a different facet of it’s character.

The larger 45mm model, which builds on TAG Heuer's long-standing athletic tradition, features a striking new sporty style. The 42mm variant has a slimline design that is primarily designed for elegance. Technical advancements across the board, in addition to TAG Heuer's characteristic design prowess, ensure that the new generation of Connected remains a world leader.

A New 42mm Model

The 42mm version of the watch has a more sophisticated and attractive look that will appeal to everyone. It will look great at an exquisite event, in the office, or while participating in sports. It has a slimmer case with ergonomic steel pushers, a thin bezel, and a fully integrated bracelet. It is developed for clients who desire streamlined elegance as well as the latest health and athletic functionalities, and it is strikingly different from the 45mm variant.

42mm model

A Redesigned 45mm Model

With a robust ceramic bezel, the 45mm model blends a sports style with the sensation of a conventional high-end timepiece. The watch's design has evolved dramatically from previous generations, providing it a more fluid feel and making it easier to use for individuals on the go.

45MM model

Because the crown has a large diameter and stands out from the rest of the watch, there's enough room for a finger to reach it, allowing it to be adjusted and used with just a fingertip. The pushers have a mechanical feel to them, reflecting TAG Heuer's 160-year history of producing high-end mechanical watches, and the watch slopes inwards for a lighter feel on the wrist.

Bracelets and Straps

Customers can now choose from a wide range of straps, including leather or steel for a more polished and elegant appearance. Customers can choose multi-colored rubber straps for a more athletic, tough look.

Multi-coloured rubber straps
Multi-coloured rubber straps

Watch Faces

The new model also comes with a hand-picked set of redesigned watch faces that emphasize the various features of TAG Heuer's Connected ecosystem. From TAG Heuer's rich watchmaking legacy to trendsetting models with stunning animations and rapid access to all the information TAG Heuer Connected users care about, there's something for everyone.

New watch faces

The new 'Riverside' watch face is animated with an immersive futuristic effect of time elapsing, while the new 'Wellness' watch face provides exercise-related information directly from the watch's home screen, such as live heart rate and the number of steps taken that day.

Wearers can explore TAG Heuer's 160 years of skill in fine watchmaking with mechanical watch faces based on historic TAG Heuer timepieces, while digital watch faces are inspired by TAG Heuer's long-standing competence in sports timers.

Wearers can explore TAG Heuer's 160 years of skill in fine watchmaking with mechanical watch faces
Wearers can explore TAG Heuer's 160 years of skill in fine watchmaking with mechanical watch faces

TAG Heuer has also introduced additional digital elements to its watch faces, including weather, wellness, and calendar information that is transmitted straight to the watch face. These easy-to-read information panels are built into the screen of TAG Heuer's watch faces and include information such as a five-hour weather prediction, activity time, and wellness-focused information such as charts of steps taken each day.

Exclusive watch faces, including reinterpretations of iconic Connected faces, will be available on the new models, with more to come throughout the year.


The TAG Heuer Sports app now includes guided workout routines in addition to its industry-leading fitness information and sports monitoring, making it easier than ever to keep track of your fitness routine on the TAG Heuer Connected. TAG Heuer's sports application has been updated in recent years to allow users to track their performance in running (both indoor and outdoor), cycling, swimming, golf, and walking.


Guided workouts, a brand-new feature for this year, are designed for on-the-go customers to stay fit (without having to keep a smartphone nearby). These workouts are made up of pre-determined fitness plans. Via no need for a phone or TV, on-screen prompts guide users through workouts (users can choose upper body workout, lower body workout, or whole workout) with animations on screen. The watch vibrates when users complete a workout, signalling that it is time to move on to the next one.

It's simple to customise for customers who already have a regimen (or their own fitness coach): they enter in their routine and it shows on the screen, prompting them to execute the first exercise, then the next. TAG Heuer's sports app is compatible with both the new 45mm and 42mm Connected watches, as well as the previous iteration.


The watch comes with a brand-new charging idea. It serves two purposes: first, it serves as a stylish display stand for the watch in the living room or bedroom. During the night, it transforms into a nightstand with a dimly lighted watch that displays the time.

Second, it permits charging the watch in the background, with the battery % displayed in an elegant and fluid display while it charges. The contacts between the charger and the watch are held in place by integrated magnets, making it simple to keep the watch charged and ready to go.


The new screen has industry-leading quality and contrast, which is especially useful outdoors, where watch faces, notifications, and sports data will be visible even in bright sunshine thanks to a high contrast ratio. TAG Heuer's watch faces are seen exactly as they should be, no matter what the lighting conditions are outside, thanks to high-fidelity colour reproduction.

The new 45mm model has a 30 percent longer battery life than the previous generation, allowing customers to use the watch for sports monitoring throughout the day. Users of the 45mm model may get a full day of battery life, even if they utilise the golf functionalities for five hours. Users of the 42mm model can use the wellness app for an entire day before the battery dies.

Data synchronisation with Bluetooth 5.0

Thanks to Bluetooth 5.0, data synchronisation to and from your phone is much faster on the new Connected. Everyday chores like synchronising wellness data and athletic activities to the phone become faster and smoother thanks to the new wireless standard, which allows data transfer at double the speed.

The latest generation of Tag Heuer Connected watches will go on sale on March 10th, with both the 42mm and 45mm models available in select stores around the world and online at