GENUS: Swiss Watch Finest Features

GENUS: Swiss Watch-Making At Its Finest

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27 Jan 2022 |
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Swiss watchmaking has always been at its best, offering the watch fraternity an array of watches and brands to choose from. Whether we look at the craftsmanship or the singularity it offers, Swiss watches are always a step ahead.

One such brand that’s caused quite the stir is GENUS. It’s a Geneva-based independent luxury watch brand. Sébastien Billières and Catherine Henry co-founded the brand, which debuted in 2019 with the release of their unique GNS wristwatch. The watches are totally designed, developed, and manufactured in its own workshop in Geneva, in accordance with Haute Horlogerie standards and specifications.

GENUS: Swiss Watch Finest View
A watch that offers superior craftsmanship & singularity

GENUS entered the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix (GPHG) in June 2019 as a launch platform and publicity catapult for the first design in its collection. The GNS debut model features an in-house built world-class time display technology.

About The Horologist

Sébastien Billières, the son of a watchmaker and holder of a degree in horology (1999), began his career working directly under the master, Roger Dubuis, whose crew numbered roughly ten at the time.

As part of the Harry Winston Opus V project team, he was the first to join Felix Baumgartner on development, testing, and parts manufacture in Urwerk's early days. Sebastien is still in charge of this model's aftersales until this day.

GENUS: Swiss Watch About The Horologist
GENUS: Swiss Watch About The Horologist

He has been developing ground-breaking mechanisms and complications for high-end watchmaking "Maisons" since 2007. His modern manufacturing operations specialise in the assembly of "Poinçon de Genève" calibres as his business grows. His staff grows to little over twenty people, and his company becomes the premier contract manufacturer in the region. It's a triumph of the highest order.

GENUS: Swiss Watch The GNS Dragon
The GNS Dragon

The enthusiasm he lives and expresses for his art, as well as the enchantment of accidental encounters along the way, continue to fuel the dream. After years of gaining expertise in a variety of sectors, the powerful spark of connecting this knowledge: As he joins forces with Catherine Henry to create GENUS in 2019, the timing is ideal. The budding Geneva-based firm has had flawless legitimacy from the start, and its future is secure. A strong indication that the brand, and its 40-year-old master watchmaker, will be around for a long time to keep the GENUS promise.

Catch our exclusive conversation with Sébastien Billières, Watchmaker at GENUS Watches here.

And now,

The GNS 1.2 is the first model of the independent Geneva Watchmaking brand GENUS, which was founded by the two co-founders. It's a first in the world: Mechanical elements easily transition from one orbit to the next while also providing time information.

GENUS: Swiss Watch The GNS 1.2 Model
GENUS: Swiss Watch The GNS 1.2 Model

About the watch

The hour indices pivot four times by 1/4 turn around the periphery to align themselves in the reading direction. The lead travelling indication, dubbed "the Genus," wanders freely on the figure 8 centre route, displaying the tens-of-minutes (infinity, analemma).

The spinning dial in the typical 3 o'clock position displays the correct minute. The case, main plate and bridges of the movement, and the complication module are all constructed of 18K gold. It is entirely made in our Geneva-based independent workshop.

GENUS: Swiss Watch The GNS 1.2 Model Side View
GENUS: Swiss Watch The GNS 1.2 Model Side View

Conceived, created, and made in the Swiss Haute Horlogerie tradition and to the greatest standards. This watch has been hand-decorated and completed by hand.

Ethical gold shines brighter

GENUS is committed to sustainable development as always, and suppliers are hand-picked for their environmental and social impact. GENUS is committed to developing worldwide norms of corporate responsibility in its industry.

GENUS: Swiss Watch Ethical gold shines brighter
GENUS: Swiss Watch Ethical gold shines brighter

The case, main plate of the movement, bridges, and buckle are all made of ethical 18K gold that has been certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC). The leather strap is sourced from a recognised traceable supply chain.

In the realm of watchmaking, this is truly a new genus; its watchword being "freedom."