Hautlence’s New Linear 1 Series Is All About Change!

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25 Aug 2022 |
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Hautlence is feeling the brisk breeze of change. The company is presently led by Samuel Hoffmann, who has introduced a new brand idea and product strategy along with a new structure based in Schaffhausen and operational support from its sister company, H. Moser & Cie. Samuel has revitalized the company with new energy and innovative ideas while maintaining the brand's recent trajectory. This leads to the launch of the Linear Series 1 which marks the beginning of this revolutionary new era for the Maison.

A graduated scale, similar to those seen on precise measuring equipment, is linked to the left of the dial to show the time. This massively thin connection is reminiscent of the one found in the caliber HL, Hautlence's initial movement design from 2004. A tiny white pointer at the end of the linkage on the Linear Series 1 model denotes the hour on the vertical scale. Once the snail reaches the number 12, it will disengage the probe and release the stored energy. The connection then skips ahead one digit, returning to the number 1. The Linear Series 1 has both a linear retrograde leaping hour and a flying tourbillon, the latter of which can be observed beneath a blue skeletonized bridge while it performs its balletic movements.

Linear 1 Series

The dial is, as is customary at Hautlence, built-in stages. The minute digits are displayed on a separate sapphire face that rests atop a vertically satin-finished, rhodium-plated brass dial. The central dial is cut away somewhat, revealing some of the inner workings of the watch. The tiny cam is one part that can be viewed through the hole. This is integrated with the minute hand, which rotates once each hour and rises the minute sector as the hour elapses.


The minute sector slows down after an hour, giving control to the hour star and its associated hour cam. The redesigned steel housing takes after Hautlence's trademark TV screen form factor but in a more streamlined fashion. The volume and motion are accentuated by the relief shapes on the sides. A fresh direction for Hautlence, the watch's sporty vibe is complemented by 10 ATM of water resistance and robust construction. A blue rubber band, matching the color of the strap, wraps around the fluted bezel and can be used to adjust the time.

The Linear Series 1 model is a tiny watch with balanced proportions that can be perfectly adjusted on the wrist, making it suited for any occasion.

The Linear Series 1 is powered by the caliber D50 self-winding movement. Equipped with a module built in partnership with Agenhor, it has 239 components, oscillates at a frequency of 3 hertz, and offers a power reserve of 72 hours. The beautifully pursued moving weight is reminiscent of the company's signature Moebi-us. The component powers this one-of-a-kind watch that unmistakably ushers in a new era for the Hautlence brand, and it does it in a technical and aesthetic sense of perfection.


Hautlence was a forerunner in the development of advanced independent watchmaking and a pioneer in the field of modern, architectural horology.