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Label Noir X Courbet: Artisanal Personalization with Two New Territories - Leather Goods and Men's Jewelry

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27 Apr 2023 |
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The jeweller Courbet has teamed up with the Label Noir company for the first time in its history to use Swiss know-how. Together, they look at the world of men through four limited-edition bracelets that are a bold take on Courbet's work. The limited editions of Label Noir x Courbet are now available on the Label Noir and Courbet websites, as well as at some of the stores listed on both sites.

Label Noir X Courbet

The collaboration starts with two things that are important to COURBET: diamonds made in a lab and gold that has been used before. Label Noir brings a technology called a-DLC, which stands for Amorphous Diamond Like Carbon, to the market that combines functional performance and good looks. When put through this process, the gold takes on dark colours that range from anthracite grey to black. This gives COURBET a way to express his creativity that has never been done before. Under the umbrella of innovation and technology, the two houses represent the cutting edge of the traditional worlds of watchmaking and jewellery, giving men a new way to see themselves.

3Label Noir x Courbet 2023 Large

Gold and diamonds that have been treated work together in a fascinating contrast of light and dark, and they cover the wrist like a precious tattoo. As the House's symbol, the eclipse stands out against the coldness of the gold. Its CO motif shows how the famous skills of both Label Noir and COURBET have come together. The lines of these unique bracelets are masculine, but they are most of all rock and rebellious. They invite you to show off a new style. The two cord bracelets and two bangles in this original set can be worn alone or as a set. They show a unique way of living between raw nature and dandyism.

7Label Noir x Courbet 2023 Large

Famous for its prowess in the domain of technically advanced coatings and having amassed tremendous success from its collaborations with watch brands and customizations, Label Noir is ready to venture into two new territories further enhancing its expertise in personalization: leather goods and men's jewelry.

The initial collection of leather goods accessories designed for tech products marks the inception of this venture. The creative collection is highlighted by customized products for iPhones, AirPods, and MacBooks. Expressing its creativity and passion for design as well as quality, Label Noir has been able to amplify the usability and beauty of these products for an enhanced user experience.

Label Noir leather Laptop Sleeve

Label Noir's line-up of leather goods incorporates and draws inspiration from watchmaking aesthetics and metal part treatments. Every single component, from the eyecup to the logo, as well as the Cloud de Paris or pin inserts, is crafted in polished, matte, or satin finishes, thus paying a rich tribute to authentic watchmaking finishing traditions.


Only the best French and Italian artisans are entrusted with creating these Label Noir leather masterpieces.
If you wish to experience the pinnacle of artisanal mastery with a rich traditional allure to upgrade your tech products, then explore the collection of leather goods as well as Label Noir’s first men's jewelry collaboration with the Parisian jeweler Courbet.