Seiko 5 Sports Masked Rider

Seiko 5 Sports Masked Rider: A Limited-Edition Timepiece Unveiled To Celebrate The 55th Anniversary

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18 Mar 2023 |
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Seiko as a watchmaker has an unrivaled allure of being the first proper watch for many enthusiasts and has spread the joy of mechanical watchmaking among millions. As a bona fide collection with a cult following among enthusiasts, Seiko 5 watches are a celebration of our love for the fabled Japanese manufacturer.

Celebrating the 55th anniversary of Seiko 5 Sports, the brand has collaborated with Masked Rider, a television program that has captivated audiences since its first broadcast in 1971.

Masked Rider - A Backdrop Of The Superhero Television Series

Seiko Masked Rider

Set in the far-off desolate world, Takeshi Hongo’s capture by the evil secret society “Shocker,” with plans to disrupt the world order is foiled as he manages to escape the clutches of the organization which made him undergo remodeling surgery to become a warrior. Hongo escapes just before his brain is about to be remodeled and attempts to protect the world from Shocker by fighting as the Masked Rider 1. Paired with Masked Rider 2, Hayato Ichimonji, the duo fights the monsters of Shocker and Gel Shocker leading to a long-running battle between the "Masked Riders" and the "Evil Organization.”

Inventiveness Supplemented By Timeless Aesthetics That Scream The 70s

Seiko 5 Sports Masked Rider

Seiko designers took inspiration from the original archive model watch worn by Hongo to create the collaboration model, featuring upgraded technology and materials, along with striking aesthetic cues from the Masked Rider.

The Design - A Wonderful Piece Of Watchmaking Theatre

The watch face of the Seiko 5 Sports 55th anniversary Masked Rider Limited Edition depicts a vivid textured aesthetic that draws inspiration from the helmet of Masked Rider 1.

Seiko 5 Sports Masked Rider Dial

The trademark ‘red scarf’ worn by Masked Rider 1 proudly adorns the lining of the calf strap. The watch’s exhibition case back glorifies the film elements as it features the Tachibana Racing logo, which is also used in the design of the motorcycle and belt from the film.

Seiko 5 Sports Masked Rider Caseback

The case back also bears the "Limited Edition" mark and the serial number. Seiko 5’s signature 100 meters' water resistance is retained in this limited-edition offering.

Serving an all-around experience for watch enthusiasts and Masked Rider purists is a specially designed box with overlapping acrylic plates. The special case indicates the watch's specifications highlighted by the mention of the 24-Jewel Caliber 4R36 which beats at 21,600 bph.

Seiko 5 Sports Masked Rider Special Box

A limited edition of 4000 pieces, this watch will be available from April onwards.