Seiko 5 Super Cub

Seiko 5 Pays Homage To Super Cub With Two Limited-Edition Timepieces

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6 Jan 2023 |
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Over the course of more than half a century, the Seiko 5 Sports has won the hearts of watch enthusiasts all over the world with its unwavering reliability, robustness, performance, and value. This cherished watch has been given fresh life today with the launch of a brand-new design and an extensive new range.

In homage to the Super Cub, one of the most mass-produced motorcycles in history, Seiko 5 Sports presents a whole new model. These limited-edition timepieces perfectly capture the spirit of the Super Cub's innovative style.

Super Cub

One of Honda's most iconic products is the Super Cub, a motorcycle that has won the hearts of riders all around the world since its debut in 1958. The 100 million mark in series production was reached in 2017.

The two timepieces are based on Seiko's best-selling SKX dive platform, but their limited-edition dials are designed to resemble the Super Cub motorcycle's two-tone front end. Applied round hour markers serve as both hour markers and turn signals in this ingenious design. Above the six o'clock marker, much like on the front of the motorcycle, is an appliqué Super Cub insignia that completes the iconic Super Cub look.

Super Cub

The SPRJ49 is a limited edition (only 6,000 were made) version of a Super Cub that was first seen in Japan in 2018. Its "Tasmania Metallic Green" paint job was inspired by a 2018 Super Cub that was sold only in Japan. The SPRJ49 has a stainless steel case with classic emblems from Seiko, Honda, and Super Cub laser-etched into a translucent red caseback. I imagine that the red, see-through caseback is meant to evoke the brake light at the back of all Super Cubs.


The SPRJ75 (5,000 units) is a sportier black, grey, and red model that was produced earlier this year for foreign distribution and matches the colour scheme of the Super Cub C125. Despite sharing the Super Cub C125's blacked-out aesthetic, this watch is available with a black DLC casing and crown.

Super Cub C125 black DLC casing and crown

Each watch comes with a nylon NATO strap that matches the colour of the dial, a Super Cub logo, and Honda's wing logo. This product appears to be extremely well put together, with a matching display box that also features the numerous logos.

Nylon NATO strap

This Seiko-Honda collaboration watch, which I find to be successful, could serve as an example of the emerging subgenre of motorcycle-themed wristwatches.

The calibre 4R36, a self-winding movement made by Seiko, features a day-date complication that can be seen at 3 o'clock on the dial. Same hacking, hand-winding, and 40-hour power reserve as the rest of the inexpensive 5 Sports line-up when fully wound.