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THM Curates: Grand Seiko x Red Bar Bombay

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9 Jun 2022 |
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To everything, there’s a season, and this time around it’s to curate a special event hosted by Grand Seiko for Red Bar Bombay members. You don't want to miss out on what we’re about to tell you as it looked like our watch aficionados had a jolly good time! I mean the gastronomical theatrics that took place was quite a sight to watch!

To begin with, you know The Hour Markers is just the right choice when you want to curate an all customised event with good food, good people and watches- of course! Priceless moments captured and happy faces- That's exactly how we feel about timepieces. The Hour Markers is a realm where we express our passion and expertise with the limitless individuals for whom a timepiece surpasses more than an inanimate item. We are adamant about fine-watchmaking and the pursuit of all things enticing.

Well, coming to the event- The Hour Markers hosted the event at Tori, Bandra. An evening that started by 6:15 pm and went on long enough to let the cocktails leave you on a high! Right from the customised menu to the sit-down dinner curated to the likes of every member- we know just how to add the exclusive charm to special events like these.

Tori is a Latin Asian restaurant where Abhayraj Kohli and Catley try to combine the diverse flavours of Asia and Latin America together. The name comes from a phrase used in Japanese martial arts to describe proficiency or technique, and it is evident in all of the meals.

Catley uses his extensive experience at Nobu and Amaz (which was voted one of Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants in 2018) to produce a variety of ceviches, carpaccios, and sushi rolls that tease the taste and encourage you to try something new. Our hearts were left happy and full with customised food and gastronomy supreme! Meshiagare indeed We saw the members sharing their love for watches, they also had the opportunity to interact with Niladri Mazumder, President & COO of Seiko Watch India, Rajesh Patel, Marketing Head and Punit Mehta, Founder at Red Bar Bombay. The exchange of knowledge truly left the members mesmerised and intrigued to know more about Grand Seiko.

“It was an absolute Delight & Privilege to host the members of RedBar chapter. Our endeavour to craft the finest watches in the world is reinforced by our customers desire to experience unique Craftsmanship. Which is why Grand Seiko strives to strike a chord with connoisseurs of time through exclusive events, previews and the latest from our world", Niladri Mazumdar, President & COO Seiko Watch India.

“The Grand Seiko X RedBar Bombay soirée curated by The Hour Markers was a marquee event for the Indian Watch Community, an amazing amalgamation where a brand along with media got together in support for watch enthusiasts. An evening where our members not only got an insight into the world of Grand Seiko but also interacted with the brand representatives which was a special experience. Curation of the event by The Hour Markers left no stone unturned to give a memorable experience of Japanese craftsmanship to our members.
We are thankful to the brand and the organisers for this wonderful experience and look forward to many such evenings with The Hour Markers”, Punit Mehta, Founder RedBar Bombay.

Grand Seiko was founded in 1960 as a result of a strong desire to succeed. The notion that inspired the designers and engineers during the development of Grand Seiko, and ever since, was that it should be the "perfect" watch, with world-leading standards of precision, durability, and beauty.

To match their perfectness- we added a special touch by customising cocktails named after their watches namely- Blue Snowflake, White Birch, Shunbun and Byōka. Ending the summer with these stunning dials, sipping on cocktails, lip-smacking desserts and great conversations!

Catley had found a middle ground between Japanese-style cooking's stringent discipline and Latin American cuisine's freestyle cook-as-you-go mentality. Just like we found a middle-ground curating the event for our dearest guests.


THM Curates: Grand Seiko x Red Bar Bombay

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