Titan Maritime II Collection

TITAN: Immerse Yourself In A Voyage Of The Seas With The Titan Maritime II Collection

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1 Jun 2022 |
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At first glance, it appears to be just another ad, complete with the comedic wit of college students tapping on tables and pushing buttons on their calculators in an attempt to disrupt a presentation. But you know what you'll get as soon as the cacophony gains momentum into Mozart's Symphony No. 25. You know the song like the back of your hand, and you could even find yourself crying. Titan watches it is.

Titan Maritime II Collection

And they’re back with a new collection. Maritime II is the second edition of watches. It is made for men who appreciate the attention to detail and are inspired by seamen and their daring travels. Maritime II is a collection of ten magnificent watches inspired by steam engine ships and created to capture the amazing features of these ships.

Titan Maritime II is made up of four different cases, each with its own watch design and characteristics. The sleek bows of steamships, their propellers, their portholes, and the engine order telegraph are all inspirations for these cases. The timepieces in this collection are water-resistant, and there are also some mechanical watches in the collection.

These timepieces are a homage to intrepid seamen, with a maze of intricate design features. Some watches are designed to seem like the gleaming streamlined bows of ships, with an interplay of discs that express dynamism and force. In some watches, the splendour of the engine order telegraph is expressed in a unique way.

Titan Maritime II

Each timepiece is a stunning marvel, accentuating the wearer's personality with its celebration of intricate craftsmanship and deep ocean blue plating, which gives the collection a rich character and style quotient.

The Captain

This concept, which was inspired by the emblem on a captain's uniform, honours the rise of the maritime sector and the sailors. The dial is inspired by the plush mahogany cabins of luxury ocean liners, with indices inspired by the top profile and multiple decks of these ships.

Titan Maritime II collection - The Captain


This watch is powered by a Japanese automatic movement- Miyota 8N40.

The Bow

This watch is inspired by the sleek and dynamic bows of ocean liners, and it commemorates their wonderful front vista. This watch is a modern spin on the concept, with a multilayered face and design elements inspired by liners' construction details.

Titan Maritime II collection - The Bow
The Blade

This concept is inspired by the beautiful and functional workmanship of steamships and their propellers. The propeller and steam gauge inspired the dials, while the crown was inspired by the porthole.

Titan Maritime II -the blade
The Telegraph

This concept, which was inspired by the engine order telegraph, emphasises precise craftsmanship and unique form. The dial features a novel structure for telling time, which is highlighted by two discs that symbolise the day and date.

Titan Maritime II collection - the telegraph

Titan Maritime II is available for purchase through World of Titan and Helios Watch stores, with prices ranging from INR 8,495 to INR 26,995. This collection is available for purchase online at www.titan.co.in