The Manero Flyback, introduced by Carl F. Bucherer in 2016, was an instant hit with consumers around the world upon its initial release. The chronograph, available in several hues, is a stylish fusion of traditional watchmaking techniques and modern aesthetic sensibilities. The latest episode in the Manero Flyback saga has been announced, and it’s a perfect fit for the current collection from the Lucerne-based label. These 40 mm watches come in blue, green, red, white, and black, and each one features interesting subdials and a matching, eco-friendly textile strap.

If you’re the kind of traveler who likes to take the route less traveled, like Hannes Becker, these are the best travel companions you could ask for. Carl F. Bucherer tasked the world-famous nature photographer with capturing the essence of the five watch colors in a tranquil Swiss environment. The stunning natural colors that are revealed daily in the picturesque Swiss environment serve as an inspiration for the photographs taken by the German photographer.

Classical beauty with a modern color sense

Approximately six years ago, Carl F. Bucherer released the first model from its wildly successful Manero Flyback collection, a timepiece with a 43 mm stainless steel case on a black leather strap. The response was so positive that the brand has regularly expanded the collection ever since. The prestigious watchmaker has just released their brand new Manero Flyback 40 mm collection. Although these watches have the same classic style as their larger relatives, they stand out from the rest of the line with their bold use of color. Each one is shown on a strap made from a sustainable material in a hue that complements the subdial.

What color inspires you?

The question “What color inspires you?” is implicitly posed across all five of the new Manero Flyback timepieces. Carl F. Bucherer collaborated with nature photographer Hannes Becker to answer this question; Becker shot breathtaking landscapes to stand in for each of the five colors featured in the company’s new 40 mm range.

Hannes Becker
Hannes Becker

Hannes Becker was intrigued by the project. He says: “When Carl F. Bucherer invited me to photograph Switzerland’s beauty in colors that would complement the new Manero

Flyback, I was thrilled by the opportunity. ‘Swissness’ is an essential part of the brand’s identity, and with that in mind, it was an interesting challenge to take inspiration directly from Swiss nature.”

The colors that inspired the photographer include the green of the rolling fields of the Emmental, the deep red of the impressive mountain range of the Berner Oberland before dusk, the changing shades of blue of Lake Lucerne (Vierwaldstättersee), the black and dramatic rock surface of the Grimselregion, and the eternal whiteness of the Aletsch Glacier.

Uwe Liebminger and his Carl F. Bucherer team are thrilled with the results. He says: “It was a conscious decision to stay in Switzerland in order to keep the carbon footprint at a minimum. Hannes Becker is a young and extremely talented guy with an impressive attitude. He’s well-traveled and his work and achievements are amazing, all of which makes him a perfect match for our brand, particularly in the context of the Manero Flyback 40 mm launch.”

Uwe Liebminger, CMO, Carl F. Bucherer
Uwe Liebminger, CMO, Carl F. Bucherer


At twilight, light and shadow are at their most dramatic and visually arresting. The gold-plated indices and hands of the new black and white Manero models are like a snapshot of the waning light. The peace of nature is reflected in their design at every turn, from the complementary light and dark tones.


The landscape of Switzerland is a riot of vivid hues: A highland lake reflects the vast blue sky that lies above the lush hills below. Wind-carried red sand from afar crunches under trekking boots. The new Manero Flyback 40 mm models include subdials that echo these colors, standing out against the dial’s icy white sunburst pattern. The textile straps serve as a contrasting accent.


The chronograph’s 40 mm dial ensures it will fit the wrist of any intrepid traveler. The wearer is never alone thanks to the basic design of the watch’s strong automatic movement with a 56-hour battery reserve. The Manero Flyback 40 mm, with its eco-friendly textile strap made from recycled vegan material and quick-release technology, is the ideal travel companion for eco-conscious individuals.


When you put on this blue Manero Flyback, you can imagine yourself recharging near a tranquil lake in a mountain valley under a clear blue sky. The watch’s eco-friendly blue textile band goes well with the eco-friendly blue subdials set against the sunray-brushed white dial.


The green Manero Flyback evokes the sudden rush of verdant growth one would see while hiking across the countryside in the spring. The sunray-brushed surface of the white dial is offset by the bright contrast of the green subdials. It comes on an eco-friendly textile strap whose hue complements that of the subdials.


When you look at your red Manero Flyback, you may be reminded of the beautiful colors of the desert sands beneath your hiking boots as you make your way toward a sultry crimson sunset at the end of a magnificent day. The eco-friendly red cloth strap of this timepiece complements the dark red subdials that stand out against the watch’s sunray-brushed white dial.


The eco-friendly white cloth band of the Manero Flyback complements the watch’s sunray-brushed dial and subdials. Wedge indexes and hands that are coated in gold are a fine touch.


The black Manero Flyback is distinguished by its gold-plated wedge indexes and hands, black dial, and black subdials on a black sustainable textile strap.

While the watch appears to be more leaning toward the millennials, CMO Uwe Liebminger said, “Carl F. Bucherer takes pride in being a company fully funded by the family. With unbelievable excellence in watchmaking, we wish to be daring without neglecting the past. This collection has a reduced dial size appealing to a younger audience. However, we will not differentiate between men’s and women’s watches. We want to inspire generations with our collections and be gender-neutral.”

The new Manero Flyback line features five clocks, all of which are driven by the Carl F. Bucherer 1973 caliber, a high-quality automatic mechanical movement with a 56-hour power reserve. The dial has a date window, which can be viewed through the aperture at 6 o’clock, as well as central hour, minute, and chronograph seconds hands. Additional details include a chronograph counter and a tiny seconds subdial. The timepieces are shown on quick-release cloth straps that are both eco-friendly (vegan) and secure (with a stainless steel pin-lock folding clasp).

On that note, we cannot wait to see what the brand has in store in the future. The roadmap is set for 2025 and looks like we will be seeing more high-end pieces too!

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