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Nivada Grenchen x seconde/seconde/ x TIME+TIDE : The CHAOSMASTER Series

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7 Dec 2022 |
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How do you react when the world is upside down? Romaric André’s graphic language sizzles with Nivada Grenchen’s watchmaking codes, as they answer this question, put to them by TIME+TIDE. And the best news is, there’s no wrong response. This however is not the first time Nivada Grenchen and seconde/seconde/ have collaborated, nor will it be the last.

Nivada Grenchen-Upside_down

But who is Nivada Grenchen?

Nivada Grenchen watches have been part of the Swiss watchmaking landscape since 1926, when Jacob Schneider founded the brand in Granges (Grenchen in Swiss German). In 1976, his son Max took over the company. In the United States, the Croton Company was the official distributor of all Nivada Grenchen watches, which explains why some timepieces bear the Croton signature. In 1930 Nivada Grenchen was among the first to manufacture automatic watches. The first Chronomaster, a chronograph waterproof to a depth of 200 meters, came out in 1963; it remained one of Nivada Grenchen’s top-sellers until the late 1970s. In 2018, after years of dormancy and under the impetus of Guillaume Laidet, the brand was reborn with two of its iconic models, one of them being the legendary Chronomaster Aviator Sea Diver.

On November 30th, in collaboration with seconde/seconde/ x TIME+TIDE, Nivada Grenchen dropped a fresh point of view with three new versions of the CHAOSMASTER.
On November 30th, in collaboration with seconde/seconde/ x TIME+TIDE, Nivada Grenchen dropped a fresh point of view with three new versions of the CHAOSMASTER.

Get ready to look at watches from a fresh point of view….

Resident (space) alien Romaric André a.k.a. seconde/seconde/ has come to disrupt Nivada Grenchen’s CHRONOMASTER, with custom-designed emojis and upside-down text. The proposition this time is a simple one, and it was put forward by Andrew McUtchen, founder of TIME+TIDE: “It feels more than ever like we live in a mad world. Through war, pandemic, extreme weather, we’ve had to ask ourselves; how do we react when the world is upside down?”


Why so serious?

With the growing appetite worldwide for so-called neo-vintage watches, Romaric proposes an extra serving straight out of his singular and transgressive universe. The counterpoint he takes is of the radical sort: could the envy of vintage watch purists be his endgame? Be that as it may, one thing is certain: he’s a huge breath of fresh air in this oh-so-serious world of patinaed dials and rusty hands that whisper sacrosanct authenticity. Romaric’s screaming second hands are as cool as they come. His graphic language is cool, too. A dose of sass and a return to simple graphic codes, that’s his recipe for stirring the pot seconde/seconde/-style. Could it be a natural reaction to an all too serious watch industry?


In all modesty and discretion, he explains: “If I vandalize the products of others, it’s only because I can’t make my own.” - Romaric André a.k.a. seconde/seconde/

5 questions with Romaric André

Romaric André

How would you qualify this collaboration?
Total chaos. First of all because that’s the theme. But also because the creative process and the exchanges between the three parties involved were quite laborious. And that’s a good thing! Because it’s proof of clashing subjectivities and sensitivities. When what happens upstream in a collaboration is too fluid or too quiet, that’s often a sign of a lack of involvement of one of the parties.

On which parts of the design did you leave your mark?
As usual, I worked on replacing the seconds hand (in three variations). But this time, the seconds hand reacts to a discreet modification of the dial’s markings. The name of the brand and the name of the watch are upside-down, to express the idea of disruption, of chaos. In short, a watch and a world flipped on their heads.

Were you given ‘carte blanche’ or were there certain constraints?
The only constraints came from me. I like to disrupt the existing but not to supplant it totally, so by definition, I’m not the type to want to “change everything.” To understand and appreciate a detour, a workaround, the original framework must still be clearly discernible and understandable. In short, I take it easy. That’s why my requests are often realistic and feasible.

Nivada Grenchen-Upside_down-25Nov22-17328

What do you particularly like about this CHRONOMASTER model?
Nivada Grenchen's CASD is the boss. The gentle gorilla. It’s a long name – “Chronomaster Aviator Sea Diver” – but it just rolls off the tongue without batting an eye. There’s this supercomputer nerd vibe, too, with nine separate functions. All this in a package that has everybody in agreement design-wise, since forever. In short, it’s hard not to be moved by this watch. So the idea of having fun and, if possible, of catching this "know-it-all" watch off guard was kind of fun!

If you had to put into one sentence what this watch means to you, it would be…?
Faced with the chaos of the world, we all have the right to react differently and to navigate or surf our way through the uncertainties.

One watch, three emoji variations, each one produced in a limited edition of 33 pieces.

Like all Nivada Grenchen watches, this Chronomaster boasts exceptional quality and can be counted on for high precision. Its proportions and design, with its ‘Broad Arrow’ style hands, both sporty and casual chic, take us back to the 1970s when a real watch brought elegance to the wrist. The polished and brushed case of this chronograph houses a Sellita SW510 BH B movement, which is both manual and self-winding.

CHAOSMASTER Tropic-type rubber strap

The CHAOSMASTER comes on a Tropic-type rubber strap, directly inspired by the diving watch straps of the middle of the last century. Made of vulcanized rubber, it is virtually indestructible under any conditions, hot or cold, dry or wet, fresh or salty. Its “tapestry” texture ensures perfect wearability and comfort at all times.

Are watches art? An often-debated question. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, the contrasting universe of seconde/seconde is proof positive that they are.

All three CHAOSMASTER versions will be available for the price of $1,995 USD, starting 30 November 2022.The CHAOSmaster series


Reference: /86007M
Limited Edition: 33 pieces for each one of the 3 versions

Movement: Sellita SW510 M BH B Chronograph, Manual winding
Additional functions: Tachymeter, yachting timer at 3 o’clock
Power reserve: 63 hours

Case: 316L Stainless-steel
Finish: Polished and satin-brushed
Diameter: 38mm
Thickness: 13.7 mm

Crystal: Double domed sapphire crystal
Bezel: Unidirectional, rotating, in aluminum
Case back: Stainless steel, screw-in
Water resistance: 10ATM, equivalent to about 100 meters

Retail price: 1,995 USD
Available exclusively at TIME+TIDE