Nikolaus Hirsch

We Care About Your Watch Straps, Do You? In Conversation With Nikolaus Hirsch, CEO of Hirsch Straps

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8 Jul 2022 |
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Are watch straps more than just an accessory? Yes, they are! This "accessory" to a wristwatch, the watch strap, has the power to transform a person's perception of the clock. The strap is the most practical part of a wristwatch that you engage with; it's as if the strap contains as much spirit as the mechanisms. Your watch strap, like any other material, can become soiled, smelly, and even destroyed if it isn't properly cleaned. Now, you wouldn’t want your revered Patek Philippe watch strap peeling or your TAG Heuer rubber belt damaged, would you?


Did you know there’s a routine every watch collector follows, or must follow to ensure their watch straps keep looking new for years to come. The frequency with which you wear your timepiece and where you wear it determine how often and with what cleansers you should clean the straps. For people who wear the same watch every day in a sweaty environment, once every two to three weeks is a good interval to clean it. Rotating watches can be washed every three to four months if you wear them mainly at work and during happy hours.

When we talk about watch straps, HIRSCH watch straps are the most obvious choice. Recently, we got in touch with Nikolaus Hirsch, CEO of Hirsch Straps to understand the routine on how one should care for straps. While he also shared his own routine, his valuable tips will surely save your watch straps.


Nikolaus Hirsch

Before we dive into the details of our very interesting conversation, allow us to tell you about Hirsch. HIRSCH creates and produces the world's most cutting-edge, meticulously crafted bracelets. HIRSCH bracelets are in high demand as watch accessories because they are the perfect complement to any timepiece. Additionally, these smart companions of watches are designed to be durable, comfortable to wear, and visually appealing.

Because it is the only technological device we can see and feel, the watch has a special place in our lives. You must pay special attention to the "dress" for this excellent timepiece, and that is exactly what the makers of high-quality wrist straps for watches have been dedicated to.

The company's founder Hans Hirsch began working on intricate details at his kitchen table in his private home in 1945, and it has since become an international success. Both the Swiss watch industry and the general public have a great deal of respect for their brand, which is also known by their own name.

Well, now time to dive right into the strap care routine. When we asked Nikoulas what his first step was in the strap care routine, he said, “When I don't use a watch strap for more than a week, I switch it out. Rinsing my Rubber and Hybrid straps in lukewarm water is a common practice for me (more often in summer). If you want to keep your HIRSCH bracelets looking their best, we recommend wiping them down with a damp cotton towel or running them under warm water. let the mixture dry at room temperature or on your wrist, depending on your preference.”


Like every routine has certain key elements, what do you need in a watch strap for it to be comfortable on your wrist? “Softness of the material, flexibility and right strap for the watch (size and length)”, says Nikolaus.

We know there are several questions popping up in your mind. What about watch straps for different seasons? Globally, our watch straps are exposed to different climatic conditions. Well, HIRSCH watch straps are your saviour. “In the summer, we recommend wearing our water-resistant wristbands while swimming or in the ocean (they can be used for swimming and even diving). Especially those made of caoutchouc or a mix of the two. The bottom side of our water-resistant leather bracelets features blue embroidery. For the monsoons, I'd personally recommend either our full caoutchouc (rubber) watch straps or our performance (hybrid) watch strap. These are super durable and can be easily cleaned”, he said.


Hirsch Leather Strap

If we told you to combine your leather straps with water, you’d think we are joking. However, this is a myth. According to Nikolaus, “Some might fear combining leather with water and most don't know that they actually should clean their straps from time to time. We recommend regular cleaning with lukewarm water for most materials except suede, nubuck or special shiny materials.”

Watch straps do have a universal appeal. They add just the right amount of oomph to your outfits. You may wonder, are certain straps only made for a particular watch or are they universal? To put an end to this ongoing debate Nikolaus said, “We create watch straps that can fit to most watches so the consumer can choose how they want to wear their watch. Usually we recommend thinner watch straps for elegant dress watches and rubber or our performance (hybrid) watch straps for sports watches. But it really comes down to what you like to wear. Mix and match as you like.”

Hirsch Straps

To end this interesting conversation around the world of watch straps, we asked him where do straps stand in the horological universe for him. He said, “They are very important and sometimes overlooked. In the end it is the thing that keeps your precious timepiece on the wrist and this should be worthy of our attention. Nowadays the importance of caring for your watch in terms of cleaning, service and having the right straps is becoming more present. Watch collectors are starting to style their watches and exchanging their straps on a regular basis.”

The strap is by far the most used part of the wristwatch. The chronograph's pushers or the crown? Those aren't necessary every day, or even every few days. You only need them when you're changing the time or using the chronograph. However, if you plan to wear your watch every day, the strap or bracelet is the only thing you'll be interacting with on every occasion.

Keep it clean, keep it fresh, mix it up and look your best!