RESERVOIR’s GT Tour Collection: A Speedometer Or A Wheel On Your Wrist?

THM Desk
3 May 2023 |
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From 1960 to 1990, there were a lot of famous car races, which helped make GT Tour watches what they are today. As the race is about to start, the driver looks at the RPM counter. His mind is working at full speed as the race cars roar and the air is filled with the strong smells of oil and fuel. Suddenly, the rubber tyres grab the asphalt hard, and the driver gets a taste of how exciting it is to go fast and be the first one to cross the finish line. When the driver is totally focused on his job, he can dream of victory and adventure deep down in his soul. His senses are as sharp as the bright headlights that cut through the night...


Precision, high performance, and determination are what the GT Tour is all about. And now, two new timepieces have been launched in the iconic collection.

The new GT Tour Racing pays homage to the rules and world of modern motor racing, which uses high-tech equipment that is always getting better. The new, very modern version is based on the materials used in Formula 1 cars, which are some of the most powerful and long-lasting racing cars in the world. Formula 1 cars need carbon to perform at their best. The dial of the GT Tour Racing is a one-of-a-kind design made of woven carbon fiber. This gives the watch a strong, sporty look.


The rules of the 'Classic' car race are used for the GT Tour collection. The new colored extension GT Tour Spring lap has a green minute hand and a matte black dial. When worn with a perforated black strap that looks like car leather, the watch brings to mind the first sunny car races on circuits, where the sun's rays lit up the smoking track. The contrast between the green and black dials makes them look like the meters in racing cars and makes them easy to read.


RESERVOIR is working with TELOS again to design the new RSV-240 watch caliber. TELOS is a Swiss motor company that specializes in making high-end mechanical movements that are made to order.

Since the beginning, the French Swiss watchmaker RESERVOIR's partnership with TELOS has been a key part of its business. This partnership has been fueled by human connections, technical challenges, and the need to make more watches. In the world of fine Swiss watchmaking, the engine company TELOS has made a lot of progress in the last ten years. This structure takes advantage of both the skills of its teams and the fact that high-tech Swiss suppliers are close by. Since it was made in 2017, all RESERVOIR collections have had a 124-piece module called P068 that was designed by TELOS and runs the three watchmaking complications (reverse minute, jumping hour, and 37-hour power reserve) and is mounted on a Swiss automatic movement.

In 2022, this partnership continued to give birth to the new RESERVOIR RSV-240 caliber, whose revisited P168 module has been specially designed to measure, still bringing to life the three horological complications (retrograde minute, jumping hour, and power reserve), but with some improvements. This module is now connected to a Manufacture movement (LJP-G100 base) and has a power reserve of 56 hours, which is longer than before. From a horological point of view, the development, mass production, and reliability of the new P168 module took a lot of thought.


The RESERVOIR collections show that watchmakers have unique skills by meeting the strictest professional standards. The RSV-240 caliber is made by the master watchmakers at TELOS in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, and then put together in Neuchatel. No matter how complicated the watch's mechanics are, their art shows in how well they measure, how carefully they control, and how much care they put into each step of the process.