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The Ressence Type 8 S In An Elegant Sage Green Dial

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8 Apr 2023 |
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In true spirit of the watchmaking ethos at Ressence, its latest creation revealed at the Watches and Wonders 2023 continues to explore the novel timekeeping expression in delectable hues. This time, the TYPE 8 gets a Sage Green dial to expand the colour palette of this purest expression of design from Ressence.

Ressence Type 8 S

The timepiece with its subtle and elegant green hues fosters an aesthetic which instils a sense of optimism and serenity to the lightweight all-titanium timepiece launched at Watches and Wonders 2023. Complementing the existing TYPE 8 Cobalt Blue, this new color creation further refines the sixth and latest type of the Ressence family collection.

The Ressence Type 8 S is an epitome of minimalistic architecture
The Ressence Type 8 S is an epitome of minimalistic architecture

The watch dominates in ergonomic comfort and its deceptively simple aesthetics highlight the hours and minutes around the dial. The timepiece forms the entry level range of the brand with its price-point.

“The TYPE 8 is the purest, most essential of all Ressence experiences. You cannot possibly subtract anything more from it. To maximise legibility, its dial has been reduced to its most viable minimum”, says Benoît Mintiens, Founder of Ressence.

Further adding to it, he states that “Colour is a part of our universal human language that reaches beyond time and culture. Colour triggers our emotions and affects how we experience the world around us. Awakening senses is key to Ressence, and colour certainly plays a part in this endeavour.”

A complex yet simple aesthetic

What first seems a simple display of hours and minutes with no text or numbers on the dial is actually a complicated system of the revolutionary Ressence Orbital Convex System (ROCS) display, whereby the dial itself comprises rotating discs set into the same plane.

Enhancing the low light legibility, the hands, the hour and minute scales feature SuperLuminova® application. Resonating the true ethos of all Ressence watches, the dial of the Type 8 launched at Watches and Wonders presents a timekeeping expression in a rare notion as the main dial, a domed piece of titanium, rotates to indicate the minutes. Set within it on the same plane, a smaller dial rotates to mark the hours. Easily legible and comprehendible, the dial which is ever-changing with the passage of time presents an intuitive at-a-glance display.

Undeniably discreet

The slim and sleek finish of the TYPE 8 makes it the lightest of all Ressence watches. The watch, including its strap weighs a mere 42 grams. The case is constructed from feather-light grade five Titanium and fits ever so comfortably on the wrist.

The Type 8 S is the lightest Ressence watch
The Type 8 S is the lightest Ressence watch

Ergonomic in utility

Wearability dominates with Ressence’s previous designs and further cementing the brand’s founding ethos of ergonomic utility is the TYPE 8 with an interrupted case aesthetic signified by the absence of the traditional crown to carve an ambidextrous design. To set the time, the Titanium case back must be rotated and this action doubles as winding the movement as well.

The case-back on Ressence Type 8 S sets time and winds the movement
The case-back on Ressence Type 8 S sets time and winds the movement

Strengthening the pursuit of mechanical perfection

A modified and reinforced version of the traditional mechanical automatic movement TA calibre 2892/2 with a 36-hour power reserve powers the TYPE 8.

It is the ROCS (Ressence Orbital Convex System) which highlights the timepiece’s mechanical ingenuity. This patented mechanism features a rotating dial and the module has been designed using a series of jewel ball bearings to ensure long-lasting, oil-free running. The ROCS module - which in the TYPE 8 is designated ROCS 8 - is just one of Ressence’s ground-breaking innovations that demonstrate the brand’s striving for perpetual excellence in the movement manufacture department ushering in a new wave of interest for traditional mechanical watchmaking.

Ressence Type 8 S - Case back - LD (original)
The TYPE 8 will be available worldwide from early May 2023, via Ressence’s official retailers network, and visible at Watches & Wonders in Geneva from March 27th to April 5th 2023.

Ressence Type 8 S
Technical Specifications

NAME : TYPE 8S (Sage Green)
• Hours
• Minutes
• Patented ROCS 8 - Ressence Orbital Convex System - driven by the minute axle of a customised and
reinforced 2892/2 base calibre
• Self-winding
• 36 hours power reserve
• 28,800 vibrations per hour
• 20 gears
• 31 jewels
• 4 ball bearings
• Metallic Matt Sage Green or Cobalt Blue grade 5 titanium convex dial (75mm radius) running on a jewel
ball bearing with eccentric satellites rolling on jewel ball-bearings inclined at 9,75° (hours)
• Engraved indications filled with 100% SuperLuminova® grade A
• 42,9 mm (diameter) x 11 mm (thickness)
• Polished/satinated Grade 5 titanium
• Sandwich architecture
• Domed sapphire crystals
• 1 ATM splash-resistance
• Manual winding over 12° and set-up via case-back (crownless). Rotating two directions.
Buckle & Strap
• Polished Ardillon Buckle in grade 5 Titanium
• Grey leather strap (20/20mm)
Meirbrug 1, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium -
Total Components
• 188
• 42 grams including strap (33 g ex-strap)
• CHF12,500 (excluding taxes)