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Top 4 American Watches Lighting Up Your Wrist On 4th Of July

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4 Jul 2022 |
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4th of July, a day inexhaustive with bursting firecrackers in the sky and loud patriotic parades on the roads, marking the 246th American Independence Day. A day prerogatory for Americans to embrace their history, look back on their progress and redefine, once more, the ‘American Dream' as they accelerate forward. Watch how these American watchmakers chose to dedicate their nation through their timepieces and everything that goes behind it.


Timex has perpetually taken pride in delivering ageless designs at renowned quality, especially in their American Documents® Collection - coalescing swiss designs with all-american materials and watchmakers.


This collection draws a map with parts sourced and manufactured around the nation. Beginning with the drop-forged case consummate with a top-ring, stainless-steel crown and a brass crown insert− a homage to the ‘Brass City’, Waterbury Connecticut.

Timex American Documents Collection

Traveling across the map to Minnesota for the robust buckle and double-layer leather strap that effortlessly wraps itself to your wrist. The Gorilla® Glass 3 NDR (Native Damage Resistance) from Rhode Island combines cutting-edge technology with rich history in the spirit of the evolving American Dream. Tied together with the celebratory hand-polished case back coin− hallmarked with US-sourced brass and plated with Aged Waterbury Brass to match the color of their original timepieces. Each of these watches, honoring American watch-making roots, resides in hand-crafted indigenous cherrywood cases.

Timex Watches

Vortic Watches

In a more audacious spirit, Vortic Watches released the first of a growing line of limited-edition Military watches in 2019. A unique set of 50 built from antique pocket watches that were owned by the U.S. Army Air Corps flying in the B-17s and B-24s (the bomber aircraft) in World War II. Influenced by the story, the straps are made of vintage military canvas bags, classic black leather, or bomber jacket material.

Vortic pocket watches

Their watchmaking team has earnestly tried to restore the movements inside the watch to almost factory conditions. The 49mm case around a black dial with white 24-hour markings is outfitted with a crown at 12 o’clock, to embody the essence of pocket watches and achieve a comfortable fit. The Third Edition of 50 pieces features a genuine vintage Hamilton 4992B movement in order to standardise the offering. It was built by Elgin, Waltham, and Hamilton for the GCT AN5740-1, but the Hamilton variant is the most commonly found.

Vortic 2021 Military Edition

The domed glass offers a stunning side profile that sets this watch apart from the rest. Because the hands are held in place by this pinion, there is more area inside the watch for it.

domed glass vortic watches

Any ordinary wrist-band would not do for a watch of this calibre, and it should not come with only one. Their choice of Greg Stevens Design was a direct result of this. Each strap for the Military Edition watches was handcrafted by Greg, who usually works alone on making them for individual customers. However, they were able to persuade him to work with them on this project and create two unique straps for each watch.

Handcrafted straps- Vortic Watches

Telling a story of the past in a time of the present, Vortic watches revived these obsolete pocket watches to show gratitude to veterans.

Devon Works

Contributing to America’s stride to prosperity and development, Devon Works is known for their unconventional designs that challenge watchmaking traditions; Eminently the Tread 1 and Tread 2 collection introduced by Devon is the very definition of this. The design, inspired by the drive belt on a Harley-Davidson, has digits and information printed on timebelts contrary to the customary dials. The patented electromechanical system of the complex timebelts is constructed with the help of an aerospace firm.

Devon Tread 2 Godiva

The Tread 1's inbuilt microprocessor, which operates as a little computer, is at the heart of the device. In order to ensure constant precision, the Tread 1 uses a temperature-compensated crystal as well as a proprietary optical recognition system to continuously monitor and verify the position of the Time Belts.


The Tread 1 is powered by a lithium-polymer rechargeable cell that may run for up to two weeks on a single charge. Lubricant-free ruby bearings are employed at the friction points. Using a charging tower, recharging can be completed in a few hours inductively, without the use of wires. What’s more American than challenging age-old traditions with groundbreaking technology …and Harley-Davidson.

Jacob & Co.

In the 1980s, Jacob Arabo started a jewellery store in New York City and immediately became well known among the city's A-listers. Starting in 2002, they knew him for his diamond-studded men's watches before moving into more technical areas. You can gain traction by combining technical and creative elements.

But even though Jacob & Co. takes risks with Arabo's designs, they are careful to create solutions that are grounded in watchmaking heritage. Although the brand's high-complication timepieces often defy convention, the brand nonetheless adheres to horological principles.

Jacob & Co.

Mr Arabo, a jeweller, has an artist's eye for unusual and exquisite gemstones. When creating his jewellery, his originality and imagination are combined with the best craftsmanship. The brand's mission is to make the impossible possible, and as a result, it has established itself as a leader in the fields of fine jewellery and high-end timepieces.

Celebrities, supercar maker Bugatti, and famed superstar Lionel Messi have all been on board with Jacob & Co. Baselworld 2014 saw the debut of the first Astronomia watch, which generated a lot of excitement. A triple-axis tourbillon drives a spherical 288-facet Jacob cut diamond in the centre of the Astronomia, which creates a lyrical depiction of the cosmos. The powering and correct positioning of the mobiles at the ends of each of the four arms was a major technical problem. In order to make the globe that sits opposite the one-carat diamond, it required the usage of ultra-light magnesium alloy. The tourbillon must be held in place. Sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating is used to safeguard this mechanical microcosm.

Jacob & Co.

The conservative Swiss initially labelled most of Jacob's high complexity as "impossible." But Jacob & Co. is committed to making these concepts - such as the SF24, Opera, Twin Turbo, and Twin Turbo Furious - a reality.

These brands integrate different parts of the American Dream: paying respects to bygone years of American history, honoring war veterans, employing locals of all cultures and customs and welcoming immigrants that have been a part of the USA's story for a long time, all while striving ahead to create radical evolutions in watchmaking history.

Name a better way to commemorate the 4th of July other than wearing your country’s past, present and future on your wrist!