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Top 5 Watches For Brides With Different Personalities - Part 1

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22 Nov 2022 |
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In terms of life-changing events, weddings frequently come out on top. The ideal wedding day for each bride and groom is one where everything goes smoothly.

The bride, groom, groomsmen, and bridesmaids all put a lot of time and effort into planning every aspect of the wedding, from the location and flowers to the tiniest accessory. The ideal wedding watch, in particular, is often the center of attention for bridal accessories.


Over time, wedding tendencies have shifted. These days, brides are opting for sleeker, form-fitting gowns that are less voluminous than they once were. We've also moved away from overly dramatic themes and toward something more relaxed. While it's true that fashions come and go, some customs will never go out of style.

Today's brides are bucking traditional beauty standards in a variety of ways. Lehengas, bangles, and kadas are no longer the only acceptable wedding attire. There has been an uptick in the use of modern fashion trends by women looking to improve their overall appearance. Timepieces play a major role in completing these ensembles. Stylish watches for women are readily available in bridal collections, so you can expect to see more and more of them.

Whether you’re a bride who loves her bling or someone whose watch sparks an emotion, here are the top 5 watches for your wedding day!

The Elegant Sparkle

Is there anything like too much shine? Well, for brides who love their bling, the Cartier Coussin timepiece is just the right match! The casing is formed of a fine gold mesh that springs back to its original shape after being compressed, and it is entirely paved with diamonds or colored gemstones (emeralds, sapphires, tsavorites, and blue tourmalines). It's a comfortable cushion unlike any other, and a clear indication of the changing times. From intricately set gems and an edgy spin on the classic Cartier designs, this watch will surely add the glam quotient to your wedding day attire.

Coussin Cartier

The Bold

Are you a bride who loves to experiment? Who loves to add a unique element to her outfit? Well then, the Chanel Mademoiselle Privé Bouton Décor Byzantine ring watch is just what you need on your wedding day. The MADEMOISELLE PRIVÉ watch series was inspired by the idea of a jewel box, opening to reveal the icons and trinkets dear to Mademoiselle.


When you press the button, the watch's face disappears behind a ring. The 18k yellow gold ring features a cushion-cut diamond and a Byzantine-inspired design executed in brilliant- pear, and cushion-cut diamonds. Why wear a watch on your wrist when you can wear one on your finger?

The Classics

When it comes to timepieces, Patek Philippe definitely understands how to create an impression. Even though it was first released in 1932, the Calatrava collection has stood the test of time because of its classic good looks and modern aesthetic. The Patek Philippe Calatrava line is known for its high-quality gold and platinum clocks, in addition to the prestige of the brand name. No matter the dial style you go with—from simple to artistic—you won't have to compromise on class.


The Calatrava has significant value because it is from the venerable house of Patek Philippe, and its worth is not bound by time or tradition. If the watch is worn to a significant event, like a wedding, it will only collect memories that can be shared amongst families. This watch is an incredibly precious treasure in the making, not merely an expensive wristwatch.

All That Glitters

The Avenue Classic Moon Phase, newly introduced by Harry Winston, is a sophisticated watch that faithfully re-creates the brand's most iconic designs. Diamonds sparkle against a mother-of-pearl backdrop in this unique Harry Winston timepiece, which delivers the mystery of a moon phase and the brand's signature glamour right to your wrist. Just what you need to blend in with your extravagant ensemble.

harry winston avenue classic

Marking The Date

Every bride is emotional on her wedding day. With mingled feelings about leaving your comfort zone and entering a new phase of life, Jaeger-LeCoultre's Classic Reverso perfectly matches the emotion! With personalised engraving services, you can choose to have a special date or initials on the caseback as a remembrance of something deeply meaningful.

jlc reverso one

More than just a timepiece, a high-quality watch represents the inextricable bond that exists between fleeting moments in time and the most precious of your recollections. The skill of engraving is perfect for recording those moments that must be preserved for all time.

Reverso Classic Monoface

Everyone wants their big day to go off without a hitch. That's why it's important to put thought into every aspect of a wedding, even the little ones. A wedding, be it a small, intimate gathering or a large, elaborate ceremony, must always be flawless. The event will be remembered for a long time.

Your wedding watch should be a fitting culmination of not only the special times you've had with your future husband but also the overall style of your big day. But in the end, a watch is just a timepiece. It shouldn't detract from the central purpose of the ceremony, which is to celebrate the spiritual joining of two people. This is a historic event that will have lasting significance in your lives.