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Why You Should Be In Dubai This February: The Jaeger-LeCoultre Stellar Odyssey Exhibit

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13 Jan 2023 |
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About 180 specialists work together under one roof to give watches their beating hearts and animate their infinitesimally tiny parts. Everything that goes into making a Jaeger-LeCoultre timepiece is done right here in the Grande Maison, from the initial sketches to the last crimps.

Over 1200 calibers have been manufactured by the Maison since its inception, establishing its now-unrivaled status in the world of fine timepieces. The foundation for the manufacturer's pride and the satisfaction of their loyal clients are the Maison’s recognisable collections, such as the REVERSO, which was born of the Art Déco movement in 1931, the MASTER, with classic and refined masculine lines, and the ATMOS, the pendulum watch with almost perpetual movement.


The first watch Manufacture in the VALLÉE DE JOUX, it covers an area of 25,000 m2 and employs around 1,200 people. Around 200 of their 1000 employees are dedicated to the watchmaking industry.

Due to their unique ability to produce so many different calibers at once, they are a rarity in the watch industry. Its generous approach to innovation and its "product integrity" motto enables the factory to unveil an average of five brand-new calibers, each year.

And now, they are sharing a piece of the cosmos with the world. Jaeger-LeCoultre begins a stellar adventure this year with an immersive exhibition featuring inspirational collaborations with a visual artist and a mixologist, as well as a fascinating program of celestially-themed discovery workshops at atelier d'antoine. The stellar odyssey invites you to explore how the mysteries of the cosmos are reflected in micro-mechanical wonders for your wrist.

Are you ready to embark on a Stellar Odyssey?

All About The Thematic Experience

Happening for the first-time ever in Dubai from 4th February to 23rd February, this exhibit will be unlike any other. The exhibition will have a digital show as well as a travel and collection show where timepieces dedicated to the Stellar Odyssey will be showcased. A 15-minute immersive experience to take you right to the heart of the cosmos.


Why should you be in Dubai this February? Are you a watch collector wishing to experience a masterclass devoted to the cosmos? Well, read on for more.

Stellar Discovery Workshop

You will witness rare and historic artifacts, touch with your heart the reflections of the greatest astronomers, listen to the passage of time, and feel with your own hands the fascinating workings of watch mechanisms at L'Atelier d'Antoine, a rare opportunity to experience this cosmos in a hands-on manner that is both theoretical and practical, stimulating many senses.


Workshops are led by a professional instructor and a representative from the Manufacture. Apart from this, you will also delve in a guided tour of the exhibition.

More than 13 billion years ago, a colossal explosion formed the first stars, including the sun, the engine at the core of our solar system, and set in motion the subsequent events of the cosmos. In this Discovery Workshop, you'll learn about the movements of the stars and planets, the strange occurrences that occur around them, and the difficulties that watchmakers confront when trying to translate astronomical concepts into mechanical form.


If the history of timekeeping and the creation of a truly great timepiece interests you will find this Discovery Workshop to be an experience you will never forget.

Stellar Atelier: Mixology Demonstration With Matthias Giroud

For the benefit of their guests, Jaeger-LeCoultre's celebrated mixologist Matthias Giroud has designed a special menu of soft cocktails with a celestial theme. Matthias will blend commonplace elements with exotic aromas and flavours from the Vallée de Joux for several eight visually compelling compositions, while drawing inspiration from the Manufacture's Métiers Rares® atelier for the decorative embellishments.


Jaeger-LeCoultre sees a natural fit in working with Matthias because the two companies share a dedication to innovation through research and experimentation and a belief that the best results come from a careful balancing of technical know-how, artistic sensibility, and meticulous attention to detail. Matthias, a Paris-based mixologist with a reputation for innovation, is a pioneer of the next generation of bartenders. He combines the expertise of a chef, perfumer, and visual artist to create drinks that, at their best, seem to be the product of some sort of alchemical process.


He is a master of layering, bringing out subtle nuances and creating perfect, often surprising, and sometimes provocative harmonies through his use of temperature, texture, colour, and form, as well as scents and flavours. These extraordinary creations capture and tease multiple senses at once, including sight, touch, smell, and especially taste.

Moon elixir and spicy forest

Artist Collab: Guillaume Marmin

At the exhibition you will also witness an installation by this renowned artist. Through a number of art commissions and collaborations with world-class practitioners of crafts beyond the field of watchmaking, Jaeger-LeCoultre has broadened the conversation between horology and the arts throughout the years. These partnerships honour La Grande Maison's long history of groundbreaking watchmaking by supporting creatives that push the boundaries of conventional expression.

Guillaume Marmin's work uses light, music, and movement in intricate and compelling ways to reimagine the boundaries of sculpture, the gallery space, and the passage of time. It blends sound and light to create a new universe of pictures and narrations, taking the viewer to another level while simultaneously posing weighty concerns and encouraging deep thought. This nearly transcendental influence on the viewer is where its greatest fascination rests.


There’s more. The Hour Markers has something special in store for you. Maybe a chance to experience something magical in Dubai? With several watch collectors and an ever-growing community, we hope you have heard about the Collector’s Corner. Register on our Collector’s Corner and stay tuned for more!

Meanwhile, block your dates to witness this magnanimous exhibit at the Dubai Mall Fountains: 4th February - 23rd February, 2023. To attend the exhibition when it’s open to the public, pre-register yourselves online here.

We don’t know about you, but we surely cannot wait to experience the magic of the cosmos in Dubai!