A watchmaker wasn’t Louis Moinet’s first career choice. After leaving Paris at the age of twenty in 1788, he devoted himself to studying sculpture, painting, and architecture, all of which captured his interest. After learning for ten years under his instructor, Moinet became president of the Paris Chronometry Association in 1811 and became friends with Breguet. They spent countless hours together in 1816 developing the first “compteur de tierces” (watchmaker’s calculator), a product of their joint efforts, ideas, and shared experience in the field of watchmaking. The first chronograph ever made.

155 years after its founding, the Louis Monet firm was resurrected by Jean-Marie Schaller. He established the watchmaking workshop known as “Les Ateliers Louis Moinet” in St. Blaise, Switzerland, and introduced a fresh, innovative style into the watchmaking industry. Yet, the subsequent collections and timepieces never deviated from the spirit of Louis Moinet and the brand’s history. Each Louis Moinet watch features a genuine and original patented movement. Louis Moinet’s limited-edition watches honor the brand’s namesake and his contributions to the watchmaking industry by producing just 12 or 60 pieces of each model.