A Skyward Journey Into Captain Suveer Malkani’s Watch Collection
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22 Jan 2024 |
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In the world of aviation, time is of the essence, and one man who understands this better than anyone else is Captain Suveer Malkani. As a seasoned pilot flying with IndiGo Airlines, he not only commands the skies but also possesses an undying passion for timepieces that have been nurtured since his childhood.

Breitling Navitimer

The Hour Markers caught up with Captain Suveer Malkani to know all about this perfect symphony of timekeeping and aviation.

Where it all began

My love affair with watches began with my father, who was an ardent watch enthusiast. My father's penchant for timepieces rubbed off on me, and I found myself enamored by the intricacies and artistry that went into watchmaking. Together, we embarked on a journey exploring watch stores during our domestic and international travels, solidifying a bond that would shape my life.

Casio G-Shock

My first watch!

My first watch, a Swatch Chronograph from the Irony series, marked the beginning of my personal collection. However, as I completed his 10th class, my father surprised me with a Tissot T Touch, a timepiece that held sentimental value and became a constant companion during significant milestones.

 Swatch Chronograph

As I pursued my dream of becoming a pilot, my attention turned to aviation watches. A pilot without a Breitling was inconceivable, so I set my sights on owning one. Despite financial constraints during my training days, I persevered and saved enough to acquire a Victorinox XLS MT, fondly known as the "poor man's Breitling Aerospace." This watch became a symbol of my dedication and love for this profession.

Why Breitling Is A Pilot's True Companion

Upon joining my current airline, I fulfilled my dream of owning a Breitling, specifically choosing the Avenger Bandit model. Though discontinued, this timepiece serves as a reminder of my accomplishments and the heights I have soared to in my career.

Breitling Avenger Bandit Breitling Avenger Bandit

And now comes the unexpected gem in my life.

One Sunday morning, I felt an insatiable desire to add a new piece to my collection. Enlisting my friend's company, I embarked on a spontaneous watch-hunting expedition. At the end of the day, I found himself wearing an IWC Pilot Petite Prince, a timepiece with a captivating tale of its own, now etched in my memory forever.

IWC Schaffhausen Pilot Petite Prince IWC Schaffhausen Pilot Petite Prince

The sky was never the limit for my watch collection. Taking a step further, I acquired the Rolex GMT Master II, lovingly referred to as the "Batman" due to its iconic blue and black bezel.

Rolex GMT Master II - Batman Rolex GMT Master II - Batman

To the Moon and Back: The Omega Moonwatch

Every pilot's journey is about reaching for the stars, and my collection echoed this sentiment. I have added the Omega Moonwatch, a timepiece with an illustrious history tied to the Apollo missions, commemorating humanity's historic voyage to the moon.

Omega Moonwatch Omega Moonwatch

My most recent acquisition, the Tudor Black Bay 58 925, showcases my evolved taste in watches. This elegant timepiece reflects an admiration for the craftsmanship that goes into creating a perfect watch, much like the precision required in aviation.

Tudor Black Bay 58 925 Tudor Black Bay 58 925

For me, each watch in my collection is more than just a timekeeping instrument; it is a repository of cherished memories, a testament to my hard work, and a reflection of my soaring dreams.

As he once said, "Every watch has a story to tell; all you have to do is listen." Whether it's the steady beating of one's heart or the rhythmic ticking of a timepiece, Captain Malkani has woven the essence of time and aviation into a tapestry of experiences that will continue to inspire him throughout his skyward journey.