Only Watch 2023: Watchmakers And Brands Collaborate For A Cause And More

Only Watch 2023: Watchmakers And Brands Collaborate For A Cause And More!

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5 Jul 2023 |
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Only Watch has unveiled the complete lineup of 62 unique watches for its 10th biennial charity auction, scheduled to be held on November 5, 2023, in Geneva at PALEXPO. The auction will be conducted by Christie's, which has been chosen as the partner for the fourth time and is thrilled to continue supporting Only Watch. Similar to previous editions since 2005, the event will be held under the patronage of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco.

The proceeds from the auction will be dedicated to research on Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) and genetic diseases. This special edition marks the vibrant history of Only Watch by incorporating all the colors from previous editions into its visual identity, while introducing the color green as a symbol of hope.

The charity's initiatives now prioritize the allocation of grants to young researchers pursuing doctoral and post-doctoral studies, while the 2023 selection of watches showcases renowned established brands alongside talented young watchmakers who bring a fresh and innovative approach to the collection.

The genesis of Only Watch

In response to his son Paul's diagnosis with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (a genetic disease affecting 1 in 3,500 boys), Luc Pettavino launched Only Watch in 2005 in collaboration with the watch industry. The aim was to advance therapeutic solutions for this condition. The Association Monégasque contre les Myopathies, a Monaco-based charity dedicated to accelerating research since 2001, benefits from the Only Watch auctions. Under the umbrella of the "Only Project," their efforts are focused on two main areas:

  • Facilitating crucial discussions through roundtables, collaborative programs, and research initiatives, bringing together researchers worldwide to share knowledge and expedite breakthroughs.
  • Providing financial support for numerous research projects with the goal of achieving and enhancing therapeutic outcomes for Duchenne muscular dystrophy.
Thanks to the generosity of watchmakers, collectors, and partners, Only Watch has achieved significant milestones in recent years, allowing for notable advancements in the pursuit of a cure.

While all the brands have come together for this cause, we’ve seen some interesting collaborations of watchmakers, or with artists and brands. Let’s have a look at it!

1. Frederique Constant X Christiaan van der Klaauw Tourbillon Planetarium

In the charity timepiece auction, the Tourbillon Planetarium Only Watch 2023 represents a culmination of a 25-year friendship, human effort, the pinnacle of exceptional watchmaking expertise, and an unprecedented fusion of talents. This unique timepiece showcases a combination of a Frederique Constant tourbillon, renowned for its exquisite manual finishings, and Christiaan van der Klaauw's planetarium, which holds the distinction of being the world's smallest and the first ever created for a wristwatch. Meticulously crafted by hand, this extraordinary creation is encased in platinum, boasting a diameter of a mere 42mm. Notably, it marks the first occasion where the Dutch firm's planetarium and the Geneva tourbillon have been united, adorned fittingly for the event with an aventurine dial.

Frederique Constant X Christiaan van der Klaauw Tourbillon Planetarium
But more than that there are many firsts for Frederique Constant. It is the inaugural Frederique Constant Manufacture Tourbillon to incorporate a planetarium, while simultaneously being the first creation from Christiaan van der Klaauw of this nature to showcase a tourbillon. Additionally, it marks the debut of an aventurine dial in a Manufacture Frederique Constant timepiece, as well as the introduction of a specially designed 42-millimeter platinum case unique to this model. Moreover, it is the first instance since the brand's establishment where a Frederique Constant watch includes a combined month and date display utilizing hands on a single counter. The accumulation of these five pioneering features in a single watch is unprecedented in Frederique Constant's history.

Frederique Constant X Christiaan van der Klaauw Tourbillon Planetarium

2. Jacob & Co. X Concepto Watch Factory: The Astronomia Revolution 4th Dimension

The Astronomia Revolution 4th Dimension: a world-first, groundbreaking four-axis tourbillon, crafted as a special gift to the esteemed charity of watchmaking. This technological marvel embodies the remarkable partnership between Jacob & Co. and Concepto Watch Factory, a testament to their commitment to pushing boundaries and achieving the seemingly impossible.

Jacob & Co. X Concepto Watch Factory: The Astronomia Revolution 4th Dimension

The timepiece features a triple-axis flying tourbillon situated at the end of a two-arm carousel, completing a rotation every 60 seconds. This innovative design makes it the first-ever wristwatch to house a four-axis tourbillon. Notably, the tourbillon carriage incorporates a high-frequency constant force escapement, adding to its technical prowess. The Astronomia Revolution 4th Dimension transcends conventional complications.

Jacob & Co. X Concepto Watch Factory: The Astronomia Revolution 4th Dimension

Its extraordinary execution extends to another dimension. Reflecting the color theme of Only Watch 2023, it showcases 35 vividly colored gems set with their culets facing upwards. This kinetic masterpiece seamlessly blends mechanical artistry with the finesse of jewelry craftsmanship. Beyond its uniqueness, the Astronomia Revolution 4th Dimension stands as an unparalleled vessel of artistic expression.

3. H. Moser X MB&F Streamliner Pandamonium

The H. Moser x MB&F Streamliner Pandamonium is an extraordinary creation crafted specifically for Only Watch. It showcases a singular and exceptional movement developed exclusively for this occasion. In this remarkable collaboration, MB&F and H. Moser & Cie. synchronize their rhythms, inviting the audience to witness an artistic performance led by a miniature DJ panda. Enthusiasts of Only Watch will fondly recall the presence of a panda character in previous MB&F creations for this charitable event.

H. Moser X MB&F Streamliner Pandamonium

4. Genus X Singer Reimagined: 8-Track Watch

Genus and Singer Reimagined are reigniting the spark of childlike wonder that resides within each of us for this year's Only Watch charity auction. They are evoking a rush of nostalgic memories with the return of toy cars.

These toy cars served as the catalyst for kids' imaginations, inspiring wild chases and exhilarating races from dawn till dusk. They became the emotional foundation, igniting the shared passion for classic cars in two friends: Sébastien Billières, Master Watchmaker and Co-Founder of Genus, and Marco Borraccino, Designer, CEO, and Creative Director of Singer Reimagined. Fond memories indeed!

Genus X Singer Reimagined: 8-Track Watch

The centerpiece of their creation is a meticulously handcrafted miniature sculpture, fashioned from 18K gold and measuring a mere 6mm. It takes inspiration from the elegant silhouette of a vintage race car, elegantly gliding along a figure 8 racetrack. To elevate the experience further, the fortunate winner of the 8-Track at the Only Watch 2023 Auction will have the exclusive opportunity to relish the thrill of speed in a meticulously restored Porsche 911 reimagined by Singer Vehicle Design. This extraordinary experience awaits them during the 2024 Client Drive Experience.

Genus X Singer Reimagined: 8-Track Watch

5. RESERVOIR X Telos Watches: Tiefenmesser Tourbillon

RESERVOIR proudly introduces its inaugural in-house Tourbillon, a remarkable achievement in collaboration with TÉLÔS WATCH. This partnership marks a significant technical advancement for RESERVOIR, an emerging and independent brand, with TÉLÔS WATCH, a renowned movement manufacturer from La Chaux-de-Fonds, serving as their strategic ally since the brand's early days.

RESERVOIR X Telos Watches: Tiefenmesser Tourbillon

Embracing the realm of measurements, gauges, nautical instruments, and steam, the Tiefenmesser Tourbillon Only Watch retains a bronze case reminiscent of ships and submarines from the bygone era, which has been a consistent source of inspiration and ambiance for RESERVOIR. The display pays homage to RESERVOIR's distinctive aesthetic, evoking the manometers and gauges found on submarines, including the depth gauge that lends its name to the timepiece.

The design exudes a nautical essence intertwined with horological expertise. The enamel dial, reminiscent of a regulator-type instrument, showcases retrograde minutes spanning a 240° arc, a signature style of the brand. The jumping hours, as is customary, are prominently displayed in a spacious window, occupying the remaining 120 degrees of the dial, made possible by this arrangement.

Some interesting collaborations, a valuable cause - the world of watchmaking never fails to allure us!